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Monday, 21 December 2009

T.F.S Part 9 information

Hello fans,

Now don't get me wrong - 99% of people love the episode, but we have been getting quite a few mixed reviews from OLD fans of the series. This could be the form it took from episode 6 when we took a new look on the series and some of the older fans enjoyed the style of the original 3 - 5. BUT, this episode was to try and get more indepth with the characters, introduce a few more to make it interesting, and we did our best to add the battle at the end, which wasn't intended in going in this episode.

A lot of people are saying it's cheesy, but the characters are suppose to symbolise something greater. They are suppose to be different from the norm, and so tried to add this feeling with the music, which gets mis-interpretated from 'Emotional' to 'Cheesy'.

With such information me and my brother are no longer going to try and please everyone. It seems in all our efforts, we try to do war, some people don't like, we try to add characters and story, and some people don't like.

So we are going to make the remaining episode(s) in the way in which WE want to.

We spent a lot of hours creating that episode and some people are just not happy to enjoy what we did. As a Director who creates movies to entertain, this can be a blow, but, with the idea's we had originally we are going to proceed with what we planned originally, and as we know we can't win everyone over, it's going to be done in the style we want and how WE think T.F.S Should be.

We will start work on Part 9 in the new year and I am greatful for all those fans that have watched my episode for what it is, and have appreciated everything you've seen.

I do hope that people start to see it for what it is as we are not going to change it for you. We are making the episodes how we want them to be, and if you so happen to like them, so be it.

But I am thankful of those of you that still accept what we release and get indepth with our story and characters.

Again thank you to all of you that helped make this a success, as this is what it is in my opinion.

Kind Regards

Friday, 18 December 2009

Part 8 IS OUT....

It is up on Machinima but please bare in mind the HD button is not yet avaliable so you might want to give it a bit.

Good times....

Be Patient

Hello guys.

Please be patient.

It is only 11am at Machinima and so are probably going to wait till later for them. It is possible it will be released late.

I know this is annoying, how do you think I feel, but it is up to them when it's released.

Please be patient. I will let you know once it is released.


Part 8 Release is today


Today is an exciting day for you and for me as it's the release of T.F.S Part 8.

Please bare in mind that the release will be from 5pm onwards till late, this is due to Machinima not being open till about 5pm UK time.

So please, no, "where is it". I do not know exactly when it is released but it will most probably be this evening.

Also bare in mind that this episode is MAINLY story, so Part 7 can't always be what to expect.

I don't want your hype blowing it out of proportion :)

Well, I will let you know when it is officially released so you can get your popcorn and relax to the 20 minute special.

Good Times

Speak soon

Sunday, 13 December 2009


Trailer on my YouTube homepage.

Gives you all the info you need :)

Friday, 11 December 2009

T.F.S Release Delay


Yes title says it all. Machinima are having some technical difficulties which have caused a delay in the upload. I can't say exactly when and I am as annoyed as you are.

I will let you know when I know anything.

I am very sorry for the inconvenience.


Wednesday, 9 December 2009

T.F.S Part 8 Release date

Hello all.

The episode is on it's way to Machinima now and when it's analysed and run through it's checks I am hoping it will be out by Friday. Good Awesome times.

Please, advertise and tell everyone you know.

The biggest Halo 3 Machinima Movie continues this week, haha joke.

But please set links and get everyone viewing it. I want this to be successful and with the new YouTube layout, it's not going to be so easy to find so need all the help I can get getting people to know it's coming, and it's out (when it is).

I know you have all been waiting for ages, but it has been so difficult. You would never know the difficulties with creating what we do but it has been a nightmare.....

Thanks again for waiting. And the episode will be with you soon.

Love you all....


Sunday, 6 December 2009



Part 8 is finished and rakes in a total of 20 minutes off your life. Don't be so hasty though as the file size is so big, no hosting sites will accept it, causing me an issue getting it to machinima, and it's not like I can post it up myself with my 10 minute limitation.

But, it is finished and so when I sort this stuff out, you will be able to view it sometime in the near future.

Kind Regards

Thursday, 3 December 2009

T.F.S Part 8 Delayed


The episode might be slightly delayed from its orginal 4th December release as I am still awaiting animation, but, it wont be much longer after that so it's not like months of waiting left.

Still doing some finishing touches, BUT IT IS COMING CLOSE TO FULL COMPLETION SO DON'T WORRY...

Ok, busy, gotta go.



Tuesday, 17 November 2009

T.F.S Part 8 Update

Short update for you all. Episode 8 is nearly complete and everything is looking nearly done. I have one more scene to add in and then am awaiting the animation from my brother. Whether the Animation is done in time is the only problem that could occur. If it's on time, the episode should be out when expected. If it's delayed (highly possible) the episode will be delayed.

The episode will be raking in over 20 minutes, something I hope is good news rather than a short one as it's been so long so it's basically 2 episodes worth rather than the one episode, so please class this episode double it's normal length for how long you've all waited.

I will update you if any bad news comes in, which I'm hoping doesn't. Good times.

Kind Regards

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Halo - 10 Years.

You a massive fan of Halo?

This video brings back all those feelings from the last 10 years.

Really good video and suggest Halo lovers go check it out.

Play Here

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

T.F.S Part 8 Update


I have been heavily working on overlay shots and editing most things I have shot.

The second half of the script is complete and some of that is edited already. Fast times..... At the end of this editing this 'what I have' phase, I will be doing a few more shoots online to fill some of the gaps then editing that into the final cut.

My brother Dave ran in to a few problems with the new animation and still at this point, is a very worrying concept, but I'm sure it will get done in time.

I am planning on having this episode out by 4th December. BUT, this is by all means NOT definate and as soon as I have a near final cut of the episode, I will release the official trailer.

Either way, things are coming along and moving nicely. Remember it is a story driven episode, but as this was the case, there are scene's of the more combat nature to tickle your tastebuds.

Good times....

Also, as Kootra, and GuitarmasterX7 have come onboard (names I think you know) just letting you know that episode 9 will feature DSF (DarkSpire Films) creators of Matchmaking naming one of their popular series. So the ever growing popular cast grows even further.

Peace for now.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Part 8 Teaser


Just because you guys have seen nothing, I have made a Non-Combat Teaser Trailer for Part 8 on my YouTube homepage...



Wednesday, 7 October 2009

T.F.S Part 8 Update


Production on Part 8 is still very slow. At this current time, we are still working on the animation for a large section of the episode (It's nothing special) but hard to do as I've already stated.

Plus we are adding in a tiny fight scene at the end but using scale and this takes a lot of planning etc. Each shot needs to be planned and as we are incorpriating vehicles into these shots, it takes twice as long to do.

Remember that I didn't start production on Part 8 till very late as I had another project in the works plus the summer was time out so only really got started.

It's not that I am not making it, as I am now, but wasn't earlier on.

I will try and update you with further progress soon, but currently working on some hard shots.

Kind Regards

Monday, 28 September 2009

T.F.S in ODST???

Hello peeps.

I have been getting a few messages about whether I am going to use ODST for T.F.S. The answer to this question is "No".... I will not be using ODST for my series for a number of reasons. The main reason is the same as to why I did not use Halo 3 campaign for my series.

The other is because it is too limited. Firstly, it's all based on Earth. T.F.S isn't based on Earth and there are only 4 characters, the rest are A.I, I only like to do things if they are purely created by me. Vehicles, Men and Elites must be able to be controlled by a real person, not the A.I. The firefight mode would purely be 4 players acting out scenes based on what the covenant do. This doesn't bode well considering I am limited to how I film the shots, what happens in the scene.

I may as well play firefight with some friends and edit it up.

I will obviously use the Mythic map pack, but this isn't ODST, it's multiplayer.

Just so your aware, I will not be using anything from the ODST Disc for T.F.S and this is not why the episode is taking time. It's taking time because the animation we are doing is all being done by one person and when you see it, you will realise why it has taken a while. It's purely because doing what we are doing is extrememly difficult although it may not look like it...

Speak soon.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Darknal Interview

Hello Peeps....

No update on Part 8 at the moment, things moving a bit slow due to CONAN, the real person being at work and so have to wait for him to return before continuing the script :)

But I have done an interview for Captain Jack Hammer at this link below:

Live with Captain Jack Hammer Ep 5 Part 1

I feature in Part 2 so at the end of Part 1 you will need to select the little box at the top left of the screen. So if you want to see me ramble on about myself, go check it out.


Monday, 21 September 2009

Darknal on Facebook

Please become a fan of me on facebook as Darknal is now a public figure, or has been for a while but it's good to get the sites opening up and get the word out.

If you get time, please become a fan. Or go to the bottom of this page or to the right for direct link.


Friday, 18 September 2009

T.F.S Part 8 Screen Shots

Here are some screen shots from Part 8 as I thought I should have something to show you :)

Sunday, 13 September 2009

T.F.S Update 14th September


Back from my holiday with my son. Amazing times as he enjoyed it so much.. Makes me happy :)

As Big Team shoots are very limited I have been working on the editing of the first half of the episode. Coming along nicely I would say. Very difficult as most of this episode is story and not much EPICNESS as many are waiting for. BUT, as this is a long movie, there will be episodes at a smaller scale and some episodes being big like Part 7. I just want you guys to know that this episode is based around the introduction of the Chief and taking the story further but still sticking to the core feel of T.F.S as you know it.

I am awaiting some animation from my brother Dave, who does all the animation for Ships etc although it's not a space scene he's working on, it's something else and this takes time, hense the huge delay in the episode being started. I needed to know it could be done before progressing with it. It might not be a lot to you guys when you see it, but this end, it's exremely difficult.

Then obviously we are doing some big team stuff that takes time and planning, but haven't got round to doing that side yet as I've been concentrating on more story based things at the moment.

But now the summer is over, I can put more effort into producing Part 8, which Part 9 will be straight into production as soon as I have completed Part 8. I don't want you guys to wait a huge ammount of time again, although, I can't promise anything with my schedule. It does break my heart that you guys wait so long and if I could I would do anything to be more commited but upholding my lifestyle is not easy and takes a lot of my time up.

Well, the first half is done and it is already around 8 minutes long so will be a long episode, but not full of the action you may hope for, but story for those who wish to see progression.

Hope the update will suffice.

Kind Regards

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

T.F.S Part 8 Started

The voices came in, they were on vacation, can't hold that against them.

T.F.S Shoots started yesterday evening and so have started the process of filming. There is still half a script to finalize but I thought you would be happy to know it's kicked off.

I am on Holiday in just over a week and there is no shoot next Tuesday so no filming will take place for two weeks, but, this gives me time to finalize stuff and therefor can come back and commence the creation of Part 8.

Peace out

Sunday, 16 August 2009

T.F.S Part 8 Update

Hi guys,

Sorry about the long delay in EVERYTHING, but I took a huge break from making Machinima over the summer period plus the personal crap I had to deal with so I'll tell you where I'm at.

I still have only half the script complete, but there is a reason for this. I have filmed the first talk scene, BUT, many of my voice actors, who live abroad, haven't yet contacted me with their lines, plus I have no idea if they are on holiday etc so can't actually start making it properly until I know everyone is still on board. This is the only problem with using REAL people for doing other lines as if they don't come in, I'm a bit screwed.

So at the moment I am chasing some important lines down. If it turns out they arn't willing to do it anymore, I will need to try and replace the characters some how. BIG PROBLEM......

So I'll continue with the script and editing the first talk, and hope that things work out. If they don't I will need to re-write and scrap the whole of Part 8 as we speak and think up another way on continueing the story.

But don't be alarmed. I will definatly think of something, I just don't want to as I want to do what I originally planned....

Don't hate me.

Your favourtie (yet painfully fustrating) Machinima Director (hahahaha)

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Final Hope Part 5

Hi guys,

One of my young T.F.S Crew members who helps with the large scale scene's has released his latest video of his Movie 'Final Hope'. I have done an Elite voice for him for his hard work on my machinima and his editing skills are coming along just fine. You will recognise the feel as his inspiration is obviously The Forgotten Spartans Episodes but for his age and a new commer to Machinima, maybe you can go check it out and give some constructive feedback.

Link below
Kind Regards


Tuesday, 4 August 2009

The Forgotten Spartans "Inspiration"

Hello to everyone that loves T.F.S This update is not mentioning episode 8, really giving you an inside story to how I began the series and break down each episode so that you have an understanding to my thinking and maybe find out some of the answers that you would probably like to ask me. How it all began: I have been making Home Made movies for just over 10 years now and love it with a passion. I made my big home made movie called "Black Gold" a James Bond movie that was 1 hour 10 minutes long involving all my friends, it's not on the internet don't worry. A few years down the line and short movies was where I really just made movies because I enjoyed it, not all good but most on my channel on YouTube are old. I hadn't made anything for a few years. One night I was playing Halo 3 with my brothers and some friends and realised that the Theatre mode could be good for making a Short Movie about the Halo Story. Now, I hadn't seen any Machinima's at this point as I never really thought about it, looked on YouTube and saw many many Machinima's, most of which I actually thought were bad. I came across a few Machinima's that I actually liked but still thought to myself that I could do this, and thought I could do something better than some (not being big headed but there are quite a few bad ones out there). So, me my brother and a friend decided to make a Machinima. As I was used to action and just wanted to test to see if I could pull something interesting off, I thought I would go for a serious feel with maybe comical elements. There was me (Darknal) my brother Mike (Conan) and my friend Colin (Cosmic). We thought we would base the Machinima around ourselves as it wasn't going to be that serious anyway. I would do the voices to Darknal and Conan, and my brother did the voice to Cosmic. Reason Colin didn't do the voices was because he wasn't down often enough to play the part and it was easier for us to do all the voices. So, I began thinking of a story, but it was a basic story purely for entertainment. There are many mistakes with Part 1, things like Elites holding Human weapons, using the wrong grenades etc, but remember that every character you saw was only controlled by us 3 over Xbox Live. So I didn't know you could put guns down, didn't know that I could invite more people to help at the time. I also only had a video camera so filmed the whole episode by filming the T.V where I uploaded it to my YouTube account in 2007. The episode was a great hit. People write me comments saying I should do more and continue the series etc. I had only planned on making ONE episode, even though I said it was to be continued, this was not the case. BUT, everyone loved it so much they told me to make more. This is when I got some more helpers and did the second episode, Part 2. BUT, as YouTube could only take 10 minutes at a time, I had to break the episode into two parts creating Part 3, hense the cross over of scenes from Part 2 and why Part 2 seems so pointless. I then invested in a capture card and RE-DID the WHOLE thing. I already had the saved clips so I had to re-capture everything, doing all the angles again, editing all the scene's together again and re-did some of the talk scenes with the guns down, hense why Part 1 had guns lowered at the end talk scene. This method wasn't used for evey talk scene though hense BIG MISTAKES and a DODGY story line, that made sense, just wasn't invloved enough. I had finished the series after Part 3, that was where it was going to end, hense all their "Deaths". Machinima.com liked my series and took me on to host my videos on their page for more views and popularity. I made Episode 4 which was the Pre-qual and episode 5 which was the continuation of that prequal, linking the story back to Part 1 where the story began. This was done for two reasons, I wasn't fully sure how I was going to continue the story and realised that I had killed all the main characters. But, I saw some flaws in their deaths and developed a way of continuing the story. I knew I had to get bigger and better before making Part 6 so sat down and got more poeple involved where it was becomming more of a Crew than just random Xbox Live users. I brought in some more Voice actors that had better acting skills and tried to develop the series further. This is where I wanted a war. So episode 6 was a build up to an episode I had no idea how to approach. I invested in Adobe After Effects, very expensive, and used the tool Masking to create multiple shots. Part 7 was the biggest challenge EVER. I had scene NO Machinima's that had actually used masking to create an ACTUAL BATTLE SCENE, only build up scenes, but not fighting scenes. So obviously, I got planning. Every shot was filmed around 6 to 10 times with people in different areas of the map, I had to cut around each group frame by frame so that people could cross paths in the runnning shooting scenes looking like hundreds of Elites and Spartans. The rocket scene took the most time, and every rocket had to be masked, every explosion had to be masked and every group of Elites had to be masked. I can tell you now, this is not easy stuff. After Part 7 I took a HUGE break as it was so much work. Even now, I have only half a script written and a few lines returned. Do not think this is going to be a huge episode because it's not going to be like Part 7. It is going to be a story driven episode, just I havn't had the time. My week goes like this: Monday - 8am Work, 7pm Home, 7:40pm Football, Bed whatever time after. Tuesday - Work, 7pm T.F.S TIME Wednesday - Work, 7pm visit family Thursday - Work, 7pm Editing and check shoot time Friday - Work, 7pm Have my son. Saturday - With my son Sunday - With my son So as you can see, my week has two eveings of around 3 hours of those nights to do this. That's not a lot of time so things starting to move especially with summer is very difficult. I hope you have enjoyed this update and remember that I am working on Part 8. Just it will take time. I hope you guys have a good week. Kind Regards Darknal

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Update Part 8 July 2009

Hello, The first half of the script is finished and the lines have gone out to those involved. This means that I can start shooting the story scenes (Offline) so then will start on writing the battles out in detail and shooting the scenes once all my TFS Crew are all available. The image above is from Part 5, only I liked the shot :) So that's just a little update for you. Speak soon. Regards Darknal

Tuesday, 14 July 2009


Hi all,

I'm affraid the script is STILL not finished yet due to some unforseen circumstances in my personal life.

But, Part 8 will be made and I am doing my every efforts to make sure that the episode expands, especially as it will be the last....... (For this story line anyway :) )

People are saying they will unsubscribe etc if I don't make it but lets look at some facts.

1. I'm not after subscriptions, hense I post them via Machinima.com, it's views I care about and the pure reason is to get as many people to watch the series as possible so that it is liked all over the world lol, world domination as Bungie says, so unsubcribing doesn't affect me or make me make the episode faster.

2. If you unsubcribe, all your doing is avoiding the fact that you will NOT be told when Part 8 will be out and even then, you'll still watch the episode because that's what you subscribed for in the first place giving me your view and you cumming in your pants as I hope you will. If your a female, same applies.

3. Erm..... There isn't a 3 because the first two were so good ;)

On a serious note, I will make the episode when I can physically do it and right now, it will take a while. Eventually it will be made and the internet is SO BIG, that I'm sure that you guys can find ways to entertain yourself like,,,,,, Watch the series a million times getting me a million views.... Haha...... I got some bad news recently so my mind is else where, but rest assured that the script will be done and filming will hopefully follow.. Editing... Well, that's the hard bit lol.....

Either way, I appreciate all your patience, I will however do my best to update you as production continues. Please don't hate mail me, it only slows me down. To all those that tell people to be patient, good on you... That's a true T.F.S fan. Well, I appreciate it anyway....

P.s. Green guy in Part 7 is Master Chief, not Conan... Armour and voice should be clear enough. Yes I know the Chiefs green is slightly off but depends on the level what looks best. As you know, the multiplayer doesn't offer the true Chief Green.

Love you all, stay true, be kind to each other, and enjoy Xbox gaming as it's the best :)


Monday, 22 June 2009

I'M BACK..........................!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello very annoyed patient fans.

Whilst my other project was not related to anything video, I am happy to announce that I can now start work on the script for part 8.

BUT.... My Xbox 360 has 3 Red Rings and is currently being fixed, means more time to work on the script for Part 8.

Just so you know, Part 8 will be taking more of a back seat to the greatly popular Part 7, but this does not mean we are holding back on purpose, just how the story goes. Some episodes will be character driven and some will be FULL OUT WAR. Just Part 8 wont be. But it's about time that I get back to the core of the whole movie.

So, I will start work when possible, but this does mean a wait from now as I haven't even started work yet.

I hope that waiting hasn't been too hard and if not, then you can do it again. :)

Well, I will keep you guys updated as soon as I have any further information.

Kind Regards

Monday, 27 April 2009


Hello fans,

The making of Part 8 has been put on hold as I am currently working on a non related project.

Rest assured that the series will continue when I am done.

This also means that the episode will be delayed further as I will have to start work on the script, scenes etc.

Another patient time to wait but I have every confidence that you guys will be happy to wait.

Kind Regards

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Frequently asked questions

Q: Will I switch to Halo Reach to continue The Forgotten Spartans?

A: I will not be using Reach for the continuation of The Forgotten Spartans. I will, however, be using Reach for Start of the Spartans in a machinima called "The Forgotten Spartans: Reach".

Q: Want to ask Darknal a Question?

A: Email me at Darknal@ThakeFilms.co.uk

Q: Want to watch trailers of my new episodes before everyone else?

A: Subscribe to my YouTube account for first looks.

Q: Why am I using Green for the Chiefs colour?

As people should know, they do not offer the correct Chief green in the multiplayer. After I have finished editing the episode, I also apply a video filter changing the contrast and some other aspects to the video, this causes the Green to become more bright. If I were to use the Sage as others suggest, this causes his amour to look more white than Green. So the only solour that works in my machinima is Green and I hope that you as viewers can over look this gripe Bungie gave us.

Q: How many parts will there be in The Forgotten Spartans?

A: I have no idea how many parts there will be as I have the story in my head, I have noticed that it's taking many episodes to explain the story and move forward whilst trying to provide amazing battle scenes. I originally had 3 planned at the beginning but then continued the series to where it is today. I thought that I would make 10 episodes in total but it could only be the 8 I need. Either way, if the series continues, it's not a bad thing really is it? But I will answer the big questions soon.

Q: When will the next episode be out?

A: If I do not update my blog from the previous post then the previous post still stands. When work has started on an episode, I will let you all know. Best thing to do is to check this blog every week or so to see if I have posted anything new. If I haven't then I have not started work on the next episode. I know that a lot of you are getting fustrated with waiting and I am sorry for that, but you need to look at my work as a film release. Sequals to movies don't come out every month, and the work that needs to be done on each episode (plus the fact I have a family) means that there are long delays between each episode. I hope that you appreciate these facts and just think of my Machinima as something bigger than a series. This way you don't expect it soon.

Q: Can I be in The Forgotten Spartans as an extra?

A: Currently at this time I have all spaces filled. The reason to this is because I have devised a Big Team Crew over the shooting of T.F.S and so will not be recruiting anyone at this time. This is nothing personal to anyone. Another issue I have to work with is lag, this is usually helped by using connections that are close to mine, i.e. UK servers take priority. This does not mean that I pick UK servers because I am from the UK, this is purely because lag is less when hosting a lobby of 16 players blowing everything up.

Q: How do you get so many players on one map?

A: There are no mods or special privileges that I know about to create what I have created. I used a maximum of 16 players at a time. Each shot you see was done around 5 or 6 times each in different areas of the map, then using a very expensive programme 'Adobe After Effects' to overlay each clip together using a tool called 'Masking'. You can check tutorials on advanced matting on YouTube. If you were going to use Mods, which I have no idea about, I think that bots only stand still and cannot run towards each other or fire. I am also aware that their weapons are chosen for them etc and so do not get a choice what weapons they hold. Sony Vegas can also do matting although I am unsure of the advancement it goes as I do not use this programme.

Q: Is that Master Chief or Conan at the end of Part 7?

A: If you have completed Halo 3 on Legendary and if you have been a true fan to my series throughout, you would be able to tell exactly who the end character is. If anyone also had an ounce of effort, you would also be able to read the credits which explains exactly who voiced who so will list the characters name. I am concerned that so many so called fans do not even check the credits to who actually acted, voiced etc.

It's very important that you keep an eye out on credits as they can give you the information needed. Fans would also realise that Conan's colour armour and his voice are very different from the Chiefs. Conan was not completed green and I'm sure that a big point would have been made out of his death before showing him coming back. I am not annoyed, just if people are unsure, they should probably pay attention to the plot more.

I will edit this post as more questions roll in.

Kind Regards

Saturday, 11 April 2009


The Forgotten Spartans Part 7 has been released.


Friday, 10 April 2009

T.F.S Out Soon

The Forgotten Spartans Part 7 is now complete FULLY. I have sent it to Machinima and unless there are technical difficulties, it should be out latest FRIDAY 17th APRIL.

So check up occasionally in case it's released early, although with the Bank Holidays, I'm sure Friday is more realistic.

I came across a very well put together music video for The Forgotten Spartans that I feel I should point out. Song goes very well to the series and his efforts are much appreciated in this instance.

He goes by the name of HardcoreFlea.

The link is below, if you have 5 minutes check it out here.

Be sure to check this music video out and be sure to check Part 7 if everything goes to plan.

Thanks for waiting.


Friday, 3 April 2009

T.F.S Part 7 Post Production

Hello ALL.

Last night I completed the filming of Part 7, which was celebrated by me being ill for two days.

BUT.... Now I have started post production which, for all those unfamiliar with the term, means that editing, sound effects, music and polishing is done, including capturing. You'll be happy to know that the main battle scenes have been edited already and am working on the talk scenes that fit the movie together, then will be re-going over the whole film over and over again to check for things that need changing etc.

I am sure that you will all be happy with the finished product and with such have faith that once you have seen it, you'll understand the length and time put in by me and all of my T.F.S Crew.

I have to thank my Big Team Crew for ALL of their hard work. Their dedication and consistancy has paid off and owe the epic scenes to them. But obviously the real work comes in, in post production.

I will update you on when the movie is finished and you will not have to wait too much longer now, so thank you for all your patients and I will update you nearer the time.

Best Regards

Saturday, 21 March 2009

T.F.S Part 7 Update

Hello patient (I think) fans.

I am currently half way through making T.F.S Part 7, I'm affraid with the things we are attempting, its extremely difficult to make this episode quickly and its not just as basic as an easy mask these days.

So, just so you have something to look at, I am going to release a short advert so that you can have some idea of what to expect.

Remember that the movie is only half done and so don't expect anything soon. Just wanted to let you know that I will be releasing an advert.

I hope you enjoy it when it gets uploaded.

Thanks for waiting (Like you have a choice lol)


Wednesday, 18 February 2009

T.F.S Part 7 News

The Forgotten Spartans Part 7 is underway, it will not be out for ages, I just wanted to let you guys know what was going on. We are attempting big things and this will take time. All I have for you at the moment is a screenshot. Thats all I've got. Be patient, I'm hoping it'll be worth the wait. Speak soon Darknal

Monday, 12 January 2009

Part 6 Answers

Hello. People are asking many questions about Part 6. If people are that bothered then they should come here and I'll answer the basic questions although I won't give too much away lol.

Question 1: How did I get so many people on the same screen in Halo 3?

Answer: I have not modded the Xbox and you can only have a maximum of 16 players in the lobby whether it's system link or online. There is no way of getting that many players onto the server, unless there is a way of modding which I am unaware about.

I purely use 16 players then manipulate the image by shooting people in different areas of the map then merging them in. I wont go into detail about that though as the process takes forever and over time if you are a film editor, you will learn the best ways to achieve these results.

Question 2: When is Part 7 coming out?

Answer 2: Part 7 is not in the process of being made right this second but if my Machinima says "To Be Continued" at the end, then there will be another one coming. Apart from Part 3 where the series was going to originally end lol.

If you want updates on Part 7 then just check this site every now and then and if there is no update, then I don't know myself so you will have to be patient. There WILL be a Part 7. Thank you for your time and I hope that most of you have had the main two questions answered.

I'm glad you all enjoyed it, I went out my way for you guys so am happy that you enjoyed it so much, took A LONG TIME lol.

Thanks again

Wednesday, 7 January 2009


Part 6 is now under my Playlist.

Hope you all enjoy it.


Tuesday, 6 January 2009

T.F.S Part 6 Update

Hello, The release date set for 'The Forgotten Spartans' Part 6 is Wednesday evening London time or Thursday evening London time depending on Machinima. It's all to do with Upload times their end, there is a busy schedule their end as it's just after Christmas so it's going to be up this week at the latest. Be sure to check back for confirmation. Darknal

Saturday, 3 January 2009

T.F.S Part 6 is FINISHED

The Forgotten Spartans Part 6 is finished. It wont be uploaded till earliest Monday but I think that it will be delayed as Machinima have many new ones to put up, this will mean that mine could be the last or have to wait until the week after depending on the amount of videos they need to upload. So here's a screenshot of what to expect and I'm sure you wont be disappointed if your a fan of the series. All the best for the new year. Regards Darknal