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Monday, 18 October 2010

Update 18th October


Has been a while since an update. At this current time though there is nothing to update. Part 10 will not be made until my Reach Series is complete and my Reach series wont start until they have lifted the cap off the Ranks.

I try to not condone arguing on here. It seems people get a little heated when discussing their feelings. And please try and not post the same message up more than once. It really is difficult to shift through the meaningful messages with blatent spam on my channel. One message will suffice.

I am glad that the episode has been received so well. Machinima got it featured on YouTube as well as their channel and Xbox 360 World in the UK are going to publish the episode on their cover disc after the other episodes have aired.

Plus the thousands of emails rolling in of the love of the episode. Many enjoyed the Halo legend Tribute of Tamerlane's exit. Cosmic's "New" personality has pleased many of you and yes....... Conan is Flood.

I'm glad that so many have emailed with your praise, afterall, it is you that these episodes are made for.

Also to note, that I have now invested in a HD Capture Card, finally been able to afford one after Adult life and children have caused priorities to be..... redirected.

So future episodes will actually be filmed in HD.

Well, at this current time machinima making is at a stand still. But I will be getting onto things once I have milked Reach to a high level...

Take care