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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Stormray's Short

Hello all,

My good friend and character in The Forgotten Spartans, Stormray has created a short film about life of a gamer. If you like well directed little shorts, go check this out on the link below.

Thought it was very well made and as a huge fan of his character in T.F.S, go hammer those Elites to death ;)

Life of a Gamer

Good Times

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Chrisnepts on Machinima

Hello people.

Slow progress on the T.F.S front, blame the Bad Company 2 and Alien Vs Predator Demo for that one..... Awesome times, although hope AVP is better in the full version.

As one of "Darknal's T.F.S Crew" a young member of my crew who has been loyal in turning upto shoots etc has been moved to Machinima and are showing his "Spartan Squad Alpha" series which Chrisnepts has based off my series 'The Forgotten Spartans'. Although this series is not linked directly to my movie, as he can only use the story I have already shown, I have done some voices for him for all his hard work in my episodes. Remember it's his story, not mine, and I do not work with him on his series, but am happy if he chooses to use my current story if it helps him become more successful in the Machinima world :)

As far as I'm aware, part 1 is up on Machinima's channel but I'm sure he'll comment this post and so you can click on his blog from here.

He is a much younger Director than myself and bare in mind his first episodes are mainly first attempts and his more recent episodes get better as he learns and improves his skills so I would ask for your support and I'm sure he'll be able to take on board critism and good feedback for taking the time to entertain Halo fans as I do.

Kind Regards

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Latest Statement

This is a recent statement I made to a question "Why don't you listen to people who criticise and acting on things people don't like, taking out things that shouldn't be there and adding things people do like?"

For those who know me and those who don't the statement below does not imply I'm a horrible person but just how far things have gone with the whole haters situation.

"My last post is based exactly on that. As much as you might not think it, previous episodes have been made based on comments by fans. I have tried listening and implementing things to make people happy, just to come to the conclusion that not everyone will ever be pleased.
This is why I have made the decision of doing it my way as I watch my episodes for my entertainment, if people hate it, I don't care, as I really have given up on caring on critics opinions when it's obviously one of the "TOP" Halo Machinima's out there. The fact that OXM, Official Xbox 360 Magazine says its one of the most impressive machinima's means jelous kids who criticise without knowing anything mean nothing to me.
They will be made how I want them to be and follow the story I want.
People who wish to follow me and enjoy them for what they are can do so. Can't be bothered with the haters, waste of time.