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Monday, 27 April 2009


Hello fans,

The making of Part 8 has been put on hold as I am currently working on a non related project.

Rest assured that the series will continue when I am done.

This also means that the episode will be delayed further as I will have to start work on the script, scenes etc.

Another patient time to wait but I have every confidence that you guys will be happy to wait.

Kind Regards

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Frequently asked questions

Q: Will I switch to Halo Reach to continue The Forgotten Spartans?

A: I will not be using Reach for the continuation of The Forgotten Spartans. I will, however, be using Reach for Start of the Spartans in a machinima called "The Forgotten Spartans: Reach".

Q: Want to ask Darknal a Question?

A: Email me at Darknal@ThakeFilms.co.uk

Q: Want to watch trailers of my new episodes before everyone else?

A: Subscribe to my YouTube account for first looks.

Q: Why am I using Green for the Chiefs colour?

As people should know, they do not offer the correct Chief green in the multiplayer. After I have finished editing the episode, I also apply a video filter changing the contrast and some other aspects to the video, this causes the Green to become more bright. If I were to use the Sage as others suggest, this causes his amour to look more white than Green. So the only solour that works in my machinima is Green and I hope that you as viewers can over look this gripe Bungie gave us.

Q: How many parts will there be in The Forgotten Spartans?

A: I have no idea how many parts there will be as I have the story in my head, I have noticed that it's taking many episodes to explain the story and move forward whilst trying to provide amazing battle scenes. I originally had 3 planned at the beginning but then continued the series to where it is today. I thought that I would make 10 episodes in total but it could only be the 8 I need. Either way, if the series continues, it's not a bad thing really is it? But I will answer the big questions soon.

Q: When will the next episode be out?

A: If I do not update my blog from the previous post then the previous post still stands. When work has started on an episode, I will let you all know. Best thing to do is to check this blog every week or so to see if I have posted anything new. If I haven't then I have not started work on the next episode. I know that a lot of you are getting fustrated with waiting and I am sorry for that, but you need to look at my work as a film release. Sequals to movies don't come out every month, and the work that needs to be done on each episode (plus the fact I have a family) means that there are long delays between each episode. I hope that you appreciate these facts and just think of my Machinima as something bigger than a series. This way you don't expect it soon.

Q: Can I be in The Forgotten Spartans as an extra?

A: Currently at this time I have all spaces filled. The reason to this is because I have devised a Big Team Crew over the shooting of T.F.S and so will not be recruiting anyone at this time. This is nothing personal to anyone. Another issue I have to work with is lag, this is usually helped by using connections that are close to mine, i.e. UK servers take priority. This does not mean that I pick UK servers because I am from the UK, this is purely because lag is less when hosting a lobby of 16 players blowing everything up.

Q: How do you get so many players on one map?

A: There are no mods or special privileges that I know about to create what I have created. I used a maximum of 16 players at a time. Each shot you see was done around 5 or 6 times each in different areas of the map, then using a very expensive programme 'Adobe After Effects' to overlay each clip together using a tool called 'Masking'. You can check tutorials on advanced matting on YouTube. If you were going to use Mods, which I have no idea about, I think that bots only stand still and cannot run towards each other or fire. I am also aware that their weapons are chosen for them etc and so do not get a choice what weapons they hold. Sony Vegas can also do matting although I am unsure of the advancement it goes as I do not use this programme.

Q: Is that Master Chief or Conan at the end of Part 7?

A: If you have completed Halo 3 on Legendary and if you have been a true fan to my series throughout, you would be able to tell exactly who the end character is. If anyone also had an ounce of effort, you would also be able to read the credits which explains exactly who voiced who so will list the characters name. I am concerned that so many so called fans do not even check the credits to who actually acted, voiced etc.

It's very important that you keep an eye out on credits as they can give you the information needed. Fans would also realise that Conan's colour armour and his voice are very different from the Chiefs. Conan was not completed green and I'm sure that a big point would have been made out of his death before showing him coming back. I am not annoyed, just if people are unsure, they should probably pay attention to the plot more.

I will edit this post as more questions roll in.

Kind Regards

Saturday, 11 April 2009


The Forgotten Spartans Part 7 has been released.


Friday, 10 April 2009

T.F.S Out Soon

The Forgotten Spartans Part 7 is now complete FULLY. I have sent it to Machinima and unless there are technical difficulties, it should be out latest FRIDAY 17th APRIL.

So check up occasionally in case it's released early, although with the Bank Holidays, I'm sure Friday is more realistic.

I came across a very well put together music video for The Forgotten Spartans that I feel I should point out. Song goes very well to the series and his efforts are much appreciated in this instance.

He goes by the name of HardcoreFlea.

The link is below, if you have 5 minutes check it out here.

Be sure to check this music video out and be sure to check Part 7 if everything goes to plan.

Thanks for waiting.


Friday, 3 April 2009

T.F.S Part 7 Post Production

Hello ALL.

Last night I completed the filming of Part 7, which was celebrated by me being ill for two days.

BUT.... Now I have started post production which, for all those unfamiliar with the term, means that editing, sound effects, music and polishing is done, including capturing. You'll be happy to know that the main battle scenes have been edited already and am working on the talk scenes that fit the movie together, then will be re-going over the whole film over and over again to check for things that need changing etc.

I am sure that you will all be happy with the finished product and with such have faith that once you have seen it, you'll understand the length and time put in by me and all of my T.F.S Crew.

I have to thank my Big Team Crew for ALL of their hard work. Their dedication and consistancy has paid off and owe the epic scenes to them. But obviously the real work comes in, in post production.

I will update you on when the movie is finished and you will not have to wait too much longer now, so thank you for all your patients and I will update you nearer the time.

Best Regards