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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

T.F.S Part 8 Update

Short update for you all. Episode 8 is nearly complete and everything is looking nearly done. I have one more scene to add in and then am awaiting the animation from my brother. Whether the Animation is done in time is the only problem that could occur. If it's on time, the episode should be out when expected. If it's delayed (highly possible) the episode will be delayed.

The episode will be raking in over 20 minutes, something I hope is good news rather than a short one as it's been so long so it's basically 2 episodes worth rather than the one episode, so please class this episode double it's normal length for how long you've all waited.

I will update you if any bad news comes in, which I'm hoping doesn't. Good times.

Kind Regards

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Halo - 10 Years.

You a massive fan of Halo?

This video brings back all those feelings from the last 10 years.

Really good video and suggest Halo lovers go check it out.

Play Here