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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

T.F.S Update 15th June


Due to the news about Halo 4 coming out and my really extremely fast Machinima making skills, it lies to doubt whether if I make a Reach Series, I will ever finish the Halo 3 Series.

So, as of this moment, I have cancelled my Reach Series and will LOOK to finishing the original story before doing ANYTHING else.

Reason for this is:

1. If I do not make many machinima's moving forward then it HAS to end with having a complete first series.
2. I want to conclude my original story so badly.
3. I can focus on another project once I am finished if I have the energy
4. You lot have followed me for so many years just to see how it ends.
5. I love you in an extremely Halo way and appreciate all your support throughout the series.
6. You still put up with the fact I have no spare time and yet you hope and wish me to finish the series.

Well, I will do my best in the time between now (No time) and release of Halo 4 to conclude the original story. Halo Reach is a good game and has some decent opportunities with machinima, but I want to finish the series in Halo 3, purely because the look of the Spartans, in my opinion, is better. Also, the engine looks totally different and do not want to ruin the T.F.S feel by using another game for the conclusion.

Thank you again for ALL your support.
Remember it's you guys who got the series where it is.

Best Regards