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Sunday, 18 December 2011

TFS Update 18th December '11


I thought I would update you on the progress of Part 10. I have now gotten my crew back up and running, as in, my family :) and I am currently writing the script for Part 10.

My plan is to release the final episode of The Forgotten Spartans before Halo 4 is released, providing it isn't being released any time soon.

This episode is mainly story driven to finish their journey.

May the Spartans succeed.

I hope you all have a great Christmas and a happy new year bla bla :)

All the best

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Darknal Update September 2011

Hello all,

Long time since my last update. T.F.S has not been even looked at due to certain issues with personal life. My Darknal account was also hacked into and lost that for a while. I have only managed recently to get it back.

I do still intend to finish the series but am unable to say when. My end goal will eventually be to make the last episode.

Anyway, when I hear something (in my brain) then you'll hear something.

Till then, be well and look forward to Battlefield 3.

Best Regards

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

T.F.S Update 15th June


Due to the news about Halo 4 coming out and my really extremely fast Machinima making skills, it lies to doubt whether if I make a Reach Series, I will ever finish the Halo 3 Series.

So, as of this moment, I have cancelled my Reach Series and will LOOK to finishing the original story before doing ANYTHING else.

Reason for this is:

1. If I do not make many machinima's moving forward then it HAS to end with having a complete first series.
2. I want to conclude my original story so badly.
3. I can focus on another project once I am finished if I have the energy
4. You lot have followed me for so many years just to see how it ends.
5. I love you in an extremely Halo way and appreciate all your support throughout the series.
6. You still put up with the fact I have no spare time and yet you hope and wish me to finish the series.

Well, I will do my best in the time between now (No time) and release of Halo 4 to conclude the original story. Halo Reach is a good game and has some decent opportunities with machinima, but I want to finish the series in Halo 3, purely because the look of the Spartans, in my opinion, is better. Also, the engine looks totally different and do not want to ruin the T.F.S feel by using another game for the conclusion.

Thank you again for ALL your support.
Remember it's you guys who got the series where it is.

Best Regards

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Big Dogg Band


This is not TFS related.
But my brother is in a band called Big Dogg and is nearly in the Final of the 'Live and unsigned' Competition.

With enough votes, they will get a chance to play in the Final at the O2.

I think only UK votes count but if your willing to help support them then you need to text the number 396 to 84222.

This text message COULD cost a MAXIMUM of £1.

It would be good to get the votes to help support them.
I appreciate any help you guys can offer.

Best Regards
Your fan

Friday, 1 April 2011

T.F.S Update 1st April '11


Firstly, please be aware that many questions asked are available via my blog under FAQ. Many are still valid so you should find your answers there.

Q: If you body acted in the forgotten Spartans beforehand do you get to body act in this :P
A: Yes. All current loyal body actors will have priority over new comers. Simple fact, I can trust them in all aspects. Doesn’t mean new people won’t get the chance to prove themselves.

Q: If it's just body acting, do you still need certain armor?
A: Yes. In many cases you will not need anything extreme, mostly ODST in the whole, but those available to offer the Armour needed for a given scene might be used to play a certain character for that scene. Though unlikely, keeps the options open.

Q: wait so you're doing the Reach series before part 10?
A: Sometimes Karl, you need to read my posts ;)

Q: what time does body acting normaly run from???
A: Body acting will usually be a Tuesday or Thursday, most likely Thursdays for the new series. The time is 7:30pm to 10pm as a max. It takes a lot of time to do online shoots and as each shot wont usually last long, there are many shoots.

Q: ‎1-Why did you decide to film Conan's story in reach (like you said in previous update) before part 10?
2-What about your current body and voice actors?
A: 1. Because I need something new to work on. Plus the fact it would be good to film Conan again, always my favourite to script for. 2. They will, as above, get priority over anyone else.

Q: What is the minimum rank your looking for? Because my current rank is Commander.
A: I suppose you need all ODST Armours as a minimum.

Q: Will people like Myself (Ninja Tiger) and Lord Brodie be coming back to act for you like in the first series of TFS? And after the Zenith Map test?
A: Answered ;)

Q: Will you finally expand this position to people outside of the UK? I know of the lag/latency/connection spikes, but this would be an "expansion" or "upgrade" to the series in a sense of who can participate and help.
A: A complex question. The reason to why I use UK servers for body acting only, is because of the lag/ Latency and connection spikes. Whole in one. This is very important to how it looks. Many scenes lag as they are all with good UK connections. I am sorry for those wishing to take part outside of the UK but it’s MY connection. Will not accept anything outside of the UK without latency when using 16 players. Just the way it is. You say Expand or Upgrade, but this has no affect on who plays the characters in the final shot. Whether your from America or the UK, you will still do the same body movements with the characters so will not change how it looks. I use outside of UK for everything else like voice roles etc so it is not a Nationalist move. It is purely for connection reasons. But you are able to apply for things like voice acting roles etc.

Q: I have to say I am disappointed that your not finishing the Series, before moving on to the nest game.
So Darknal, but it's just not professional which is your definition...
But hey not much I can do, besides a petition.
A: Not a question but fair enough. It was either change game or not finish the series at all. My life is so busy now that I get about 2 hours a week on a Thursday evening to think about it, which I have spent playing Reach to try and get to a decent rank for shooting. I will have a shift about in my schedule to try and make the Reach series a reality. Apparently I’m not professional by your definition, which is probably true, but the fact you enjoy the series that much to care I suppose is a compliment. I can’t please everyone, just the way things work.

Q: ‎1.What Rank are u Now???
2. How many episodes are u hoping to have in the reach series??
3. What plot would u want to have for reach??
A: 1.Brigadeir in under a bar.
2. No idea as of yet. Maybe 20, but they will be 5 minute episodes and not at the same scale as the movie.
3. It is going to be what T.F.S has always been, a squad moving from location to location during the invasion of Reach. The fact Bungie decided to do it for their new game doesn’t mean I’ll change the way I originally made mine ;)

Q: hey, can i voice and body act
A: People will get their chance to apply.

Q: is T.F.S. done online or Landline?
A: Both. Online for big scenes and Offline for talk scenes, specific battle scenes and stunts that need a lot of co-ordinating.

Q: Have you still got parts going?
A: Not currently but am working on making more when I free up some time.

Q: u mad?
A: Yes.

Q: when you say TFS Reach do you mean a branch of the story or just continuing TFS USING Reach
A: It is a branch of the story. In fact a prequel to the story before they find the ring. Set at the same time as the Reach Invasion itself.

Q: How are you going to tolerate the bland world known as "Forge World"?
A: I will try using all the maps accordingly for shooting, and will use whatever aspects they offer.

Q: ive been following this series ever since the first episode, and everytime a new episode that comes once an year its a disapointment, so fuck this.
A: Unfortunately, it’s the best I can do. If you decide not to follow anymore then I’m sorry to hear that.

Q: question? why dont you accept my friend request or non of my xbox live messages? ><
A: It’s not just you, I don’t accept any over Xbox live. My Bio says it all. Reason is I have so many that it’s too difficult to reply over Xbox so please use the email provided in all my home pages. All friend spaces are reserved for crew.

Q: Can I ask you a question?
A: Yes you can.

Q: Is this series taking place after the original series and will have Darknal, Conan , Cosmic? Or are you planning to follow different protagonists?
A: It will follow the same Spartans before they trained in their Mark 6 Armour.

Q: Question. Are you only looking for UK actors are you interested in American?

Also, are visor colors and attachments/wrist/utlity favorable over armor (helment/body/knee/shoulder)?
A: Actors like body acting is UK only. Acting as in voice can be any country.
You will need ODST Armour as a minimum.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

T.F.S Reach

Hello all.

I have decided I am going to make a T.F.S Reach.

Now, there is a LONG way until I even start but I'm going to throw a few roles out there that some people will be able to participate either by voice (only a few small parts going) or by body acting.

I will let you know nearer the time when you are able to apply.

But many people ask questions and not many get the answers so, if you have a question, please post it in the comments section, I will make a note of all the questions and answer them in an update next month.

It can be about anything, and I'll try all of them.

Hope your all doing well and ranking up in Reach so you all have the required amours when the time comes ;)

Take care

Thursday, 3 February 2011

SSA Chrisnepts

Hello all.

Chrisnepts has recovered some old files from his destroyed PC and needs some inspiration to continue the project he spent so long working on.

Here is a video he recovered, 4 minutes long, and extremely good in my opinion.
For those upset at the lack of videos from my part, this video symbolises the The Forgotten Spartans Story whilst following his own story.

Please check it out and give him support for what I think, is a masterpiece.

Nice work Matt.



Wednesday, 5 January 2011

News 5th January 2011


Been a while since an update.

Things have been busy and as a result of certain issues regarding production in the future, the TFS Reach Series will not be in production at this time.

Instead, I will be looking at finishing the original series in Halo 3, this will be episode 10.

As things stand with things at the moment. I have no further information as to when this episode will be started or completed but early estimates that this will be 2012. There are some underlining reasons behind this and appreciate all your support.

This doesn't mean it's going to take a year to make. It means production wont be started at all at this time as certain members of my crew, internally, are not available, and with such a demanding series, I can't do it alone.

It will be finished, just not yet.

Enjoy your gaming.