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Friday, 3 April 2009

T.F.S Part 7 Post Production

Hello ALL.

Last night I completed the filming of Part 7, which was celebrated by me being ill for two days.

BUT.... Now I have started post production which, for all those unfamiliar with the term, means that editing, sound effects, music and polishing is done, including capturing. You'll be happy to know that the main battle scenes have been edited already and am working on the talk scenes that fit the movie together, then will be re-going over the whole film over and over again to check for things that need changing etc.

I am sure that you will all be happy with the finished product and with such have faith that once you have seen it, you'll understand the length and time put in by me and all of my T.F.S Crew.

I have to thank my Big Team Crew for ALL of their hard work. Their dedication and consistancy has paid off and owe the epic scenes to them. But obviously the real work comes in, in post production.

I will update you on when the movie is finished and you will not have to wait too much longer now, so thank you for all your patients and I will update you nearer the time.

Best Regards


hegelbegal said...

Cool. Cant' wait

Zack said...

YES!!! i cant w8

Jake said...

Fucking Woot

Anonymous said...


Halo123roxu said...

Awesome as can`t W8 M8

TheFantomLegend said...

"thank you for all your patients" Tsk, tsk, spelling fail. I hate how you can't see the spelling and grammatical errors on the computer as well as on a hard copy.

2mysterious said...

I am hooked on this thing man. I still have patience, but it is slowly dissolving due to the excitement. I do really hope that part 7 won't be the end. If it is of the series, I hope that you'll make a new one with the same type of epic battles and just as creative as T.F.S.

Anonymous said...

Yeah he managed to get some device that lets you add more units.I was soooooooo impressed that I was just dreaming what part 8 would be like.