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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Latest Statement

This is a recent statement I made to a question "Why don't you listen to people who criticise and acting on things people don't like, taking out things that shouldn't be there and adding things people do like?"

For those who know me and those who don't the statement below does not imply I'm a horrible person but just how far things have gone with the whole haters situation.

"My last post is based exactly on that. As much as you might not think it, previous episodes have been made based on comments by fans. I have tried listening and implementing things to make people happy, just to come to the conclusion that not everyone will ever be pleased.
This is why I have made the decision of doing it my way as I watch my episodes for my entertainment, if people hate it, I don't care, as I really have given up on caring on critics opinions when it's obviously one of the "TOP" Halo Machinima's out there. The fact that OXM, Official Xbox 360 Magazine says its one of the most impressive machinima's means jelous kids who criticise without knowing anything mean nothing to me.
They will be made how I want them to be and follow the story I want.
People who wish to follow me and enjoy them for what they are can do so. Can't be bothered with the haters, waste of time.


PixelTeamProductions said...

Hey I agree completely, some people will try to shoot you down where as others will give you praise, not everyone has the same tastes when it comes to machinima, eck everyone here at Pixel-team is a fan of TFS but when it comes to other machinimas we have our own opinions.

We understand the story and some of the opinions stated by those who think it should be based more on the main characters rather than a warzone, but in all fairness to them, about 75% of the series was based mainly on the Squad OMEGA.

It's your work and your skills, some people may want different things from the story but others just want to sit and enjoy it.

So all I have to say is keep it up, can't wait until Part 9 and thanks for making a great series.

Kind Regards
DG TKO157 and all of us here at Pixel-Team Productions

chrisnepts said...

Totally agree with you man, you shouldn't listen to people, if you like it, then everyone else should just stop bitching, because we don't get everything we want in lifes. So yeah, if you toke my previous statement about me been a bit iffy on the whole reach idea i understood that you wanted to take the series a bit further with the better abilities ect. but i was just commenting on if the armors had gone. :) So hope to speak to you soon, and Cya in TFS P9 :)

Anonymous said...

Didn't you know this before? Still you decide it doesn't matter if we liked it. Now its over for me and whomever doesn't like you anymore. (not that you care)

Anonymous said...

u rock darknal!! love ur machinimas!!

Lewis Hudson said...

Yo, 2 things

1, people like that are sometimes demanding stuff that suits them. If something isn't just right, then its guaranteed to give out an uneducated opinion on the video. These mindless people (trolls?) are only there to bring you down. You have great success and a great son, so why should something be brought down because some idiot wants to get answers that have already been answered in previous posts.

2, is there a link the the OXM article.

PS, If I sound like an idiot, sorry :(

Afroblaster917 said...

Yea stick it to them Darknal

Anonymous said...

totally agree with you darknal your right you can never make anything perfect meaning to not every one will be impressed bu you can make a really good one just some people can't keep their mouths shut i think anyway you do the machinima darknal it will be sick kind regards

Anonymous said...

wow fuck you the one commenter that is talking about how darknal dosent care he shouldn't have to care you should appriate his work ya cock

sethmcfalin said...

well, i've got to say... the closest thing i would get to audience interaction is giving them two possible endings and letting them vote, also you are definately right about the jealous people that r too lazy to make their own machinimas, so great job Darknal and way to take charge!
(ps: @ the guy above me everyone is entitled to their opinions, even if they're really stupid ones and guarunteed even tho he said it was over he/she will keep watching TFS)

Anonymous said...

I was the one who posted the comment about people critisizing his work.

I wasn't having a go at him if that is what he thinks, I was just saying what I thought. I wasn't intending on affending him if that is what I have done. Darknal, if I have made you mad at me I appologise and hope you can forgive me.


LNER Tornado. Those who wish to send comments to my gamertag please to do because what I said I fell like I deserve it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you darknal there are those annoying people who can't be happy with anything. Then there people who been with you from the beginning who love the series. TFS BEST machima ever.

chrisnepts said...

Hudson, the article is within the OXM Magazine, not an article on the net.

Anonymous said...

I always knew your machinimas were among the best ones, it's the best I've watched (though I've not watched other "top" ones like red vs blue!).

Looking forward to seeing part 9, I know it will be good.

(For some reason I always come to view your blog the day after you make a post, at least the last several times I've come exactly one day after your most recent update lol.)

Anyway, continue with the great work your doing, you've set a very high standard, and I doubt many others will ever be able to match it in terms of quality, storyline and action.

Darknal said...

If you want to know, it was in the UK edition of OXM on page 110 on issue 47 or 49, cant remember off top of my head.

It mentioned Red V Blue and then me as the most impressive Xbox 360 Halo Machinima there was. It was awesome times.....

Peace. And this post doesnt mean I dont value the true fans of the series as I do care about my fans. This is not to say I dont care completely.

Night Hawk said...

Good for you Darknal. You don't have to listen to arrogant critics.


P.S. About my earlier post. I am trying to create a Machinima action series about ( in other words) The Alpha Dogs of the UNSC. If there are any tips ( programs, software, acting, anything) that might help please let me know.

rubymaster45 said...

Is it me or has it seemed, that ever sense TFS 8 things went downhill. Thats definately stating something you know. I'm not saying that I am a hater lol I love the machinimas. You inspired me to spend 300$ myself on this stuff. But ever sense episode 8 things are different saying whatever was different about Episode 8 and all the other episodes they dont like. Darknal has turned from being casual and open eared to, basically shutting and locking the door on everyone. Seems Darknal in my opinion is quite angry, and I'm not quite sure about what will happen in the future to him.

Night Hawk said...

Not to be a jerk "rubymaster45" but its pretty damn obvious that darknal is pissed off. But then again he has a good reason for it.

He had, in my opinion, everyone loving TFS, but now since the story line has changed a bit people who he thought were his fans have now turned on him and they say they stop watching. But there are the haters that dont like his machinima and come on here to complain about it, while they should just kindly fuck off and stop blaming Darknal for making a Machinima they way he wants to.

If you don't like the Machinima make your own or atleast don't come on here to bug him about it.

Best of luck Darknal and this is your Machinima, and a damn good one at that.


Anonymous said...

Nighthawk, I do agree with you, Darknal's machinimas are great and he should be given a load of credit for spending his time off making these machinimas. And as I said before in one of my previous comments I do appologise if I have pissed Darknal off.

Lewis Hudson said...

Whats really sad about TFS, in my opinion, is that even though it has half a million views, I seem to find it still under rated.

I watched the original arby n chief, and I went "meh, its a good time waster", then watch part 7 of TFS and I say "OMFG EPIC!!!"

Part 8 wasnt a let down, since it explained a lot of things, as well as a great action sequence, and especially the music arangement.

Night Hawk said...

I completely agree with you Hudson. I just looked at all the vids on youtube. Every Single episode has 5 STARS! Nice work Darknal.(Youtube needs to add a 6 star rating.)Also, i have said im making a Machinima so if you want in message me on LIVE not on here.

-NH GT: RoG Night Hawk

Anonymous said...

Maybe the guy who thought I said Darknal didn't care didn't understand what it meant.

Doppleganger said...

You guys sound suprised of his success.

Anonymous said...

Some people are surprised of his success because who would have thought that a machinima would have such a big welcome and the creater get such a huge fanclub. I really do think that he should see if he can make a full length film of The Forgotten Spartans because I know every single one of you would love to see that. I know I would.

Salvador said...

Hola Darknal:
Soy uno de tus fans de México, no se si tengas muchos o pocos de aquí.

Primeramente quiero felicitarte por tan "extraordinario machinima" (the forgotten spartans), el cual me ha marcado por la forma en que has retomado la historia de HALO, asi como la forma en que le diste la vision de un fan y tu toque especial.

En cuanto a tu ultima publicación, solo tengo que decirte que no le hagas caso a la bola de envidiosos que existen en todas partes, ya que lo que has hecho y lo vas ha hacer va ser como siempre un "hit". Además de que no necesitas el consejo de unos cuantos tontos para hacer lo que realmente saber hacer: el sorprendernos con cada nuevo episodio que sacas, por muy largo que sea el tiempo de espera.

Sigue así!!!
tAKE CARE!!! saludos desde México


Night Hawk said...

To Salvador,

Darknal vives en United Kingdom. Darknal no habla espanol. Thats about all the spanish i know... Unless i'm mistaken Darknal doesn't speak spanish.Sorry. But if anyone on here speaks spanish fluently, He would probably appreciate it if you translated for him. I'm not trying to speak for Darknal here. I'm just guessing.


Anonymous said...

I believe what he is trying to say is that The Forgotten Spartans is extraordianry, and that it goes well with the history of the halo games.

Thats all I can tell you unfortuantely. I'll tell you more when I have finished translating it.

rubymaster45 said...


Darknal Hello: I am one of your fans from Mexico, not if you have many or few of here. "First I want to congratulate you on such" extraordinary machinima "(the forgotten spartans), which has struck me the way you have taken up the story HALO, as well as how they gave him the vision of a fan and your special touch. As for your last release, I only have to tell you not pay any attention to the ball envious that exist everywhere, as what you have done and what you going to do will be as always a hit. Besides you do not need the advice of a few fools to do what you really know how: the surprise with each new episode you get out, however long or short the waiting time. Keep it up! TAKE CARE! greetings from Mexico

Valdric said...

Oh yea, teach those bad kids a lesson. And Chris, I am so sure you know the difference between mature and immature people. So don't listen to the latter, but you can pay more attention to the former, take down some notes, but overall you don't need to follow either of them. Whether I find some parts too emotional or not, you never fail to impress me.- I watched T.F.S when Part 2 first came out, it goes a long way in telling how I have been following the series for more than 2 years with satisfaction and patience. :)

Kueller917 said...

Don't listen to the crowd and fans too much. You know more about this series, characters, and plot than anyone. I think you would know the most about what suits the scene/episode.
Maybe a suggestion could be considered if you think about it but don't change the entire series to fit the fans who don't have any more context based on episodes they already saw.

Hell, even a few real movies have been weakened for listening to much to fans. Just do it on your own and take a few suggestions when you think you should.

Josh Bello said...

I completely agree with you darknal. people just want what they want, but they dont relize that you are the one who puts in the work to create these videos. if they want it how they like than they can get of their asses and do it themselves(not that it would be anything as good as yours)personaly i love TFS and so do thousands of people out there, so your rite to do it how you want. i love your videos, they are the best danm halo vids ever! cont wait for P9!

aka, ironranch :)

chrisnepts said...

aHey darknal, some of my stuff (Eg - SSA ect.) is getting up onto machinimas channel :) So good news.
And hope to speak/hear from you again soon. Cya

Frost TL said...

Hello, my name is Frost TL. But you can call me Frost. I have watched TFS since...... Well, about 6 months when part one. I'm here right now to show my appreciation to Darknal and the others for making the series. To be honest, you guys got me to join the National Guard. Thank you. And I have refered around 10 to 15 people to watch them. Nothing but 5 stars from them all. IF, and I know this is a huge if, you need an extra in your series, I'm only a message away. But anyway, thank you.