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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Stormray's Short

Hello all,

My good friend and character in The Forgotten Spartans, Stormray has created a short film about life of a gamer. If you like well directed little shorts, go check this out on the link below.

Thought it was very well made and as a huge fan of his character in T.F.S, go hammer those Elites to death ;)

Life of a Gamer

Good Times


Irish Machinima said...

i liked it but at the end when he says we can acomplish anything what does he mean by that?

sethmcfalin said...

^ he means that we believe there is no limits to the things we can do, unlike a lot of people that aren't gamers
p.s: it was a nice little film, although i've got to say when i clicked the link i thought; "oh god, here we go again with the no life jokes"

sethmcfalin said...

Not to nag but u said in an earlier post that u would start filming about now, any updates or interesting occurences lately? again, just wondering

Anonymous said...

I would probably say that he would start filming in the middle of March.