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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

T.F.S Part 9 Update

As someone has rightly stated, I should be updating you.

Current update is the script is half complete but I know whats happening, just have to put it into film format :)

Another issue is that Battlefield has just been released and is an AWESOME game which makes things very difficult :) Also, videos such as wedding videos, football videos I need to edit for people also take a lot of my time and unfortunatly need to get that done.

But rest assured, working on the episode and CONAN (brother) is sitting with me on our TFS nights discussing battles etc. My other Brother Dave who does the animation, Cortana and space scenes, is moving house so cant work on anything till he's settled, another set back.

I promise I'll do my best to get on it.

Trust me, I want to make it too :)

I'll keep you posted.



Anonymous said...

Please don't rush yourself Darknal, as you have just said you have more important thigs to worry about like your brother moving house.Everyone will appreciate it.

Take care LNER Tornado.

HarkFilms said...

Excellent news Darknal, glad to see your getting some work in. I'm also glad you're not wasting your life on just a Halo 3 film. Again great to here, don't rush yourself thinking of us as LNER Tornado mentioned above me.

P.S. Battlefield is indeed amazing.

-Hark Films

Joebomitcho said...

take all the time you need because i wont be back on the xbox for another 20 days :). lol a little to much to ask for me lol, i hope you dont started until then because i dont want to miss out


karl.jones46 said...

no bother darknal i'm sure everyone who is a fan can wait for you to make a brilliant machinima like you always do see ya when your recording online shoots =) and maybe play a little bad company 2 =) see ya


chrisnepts said...

Looking forward to it, but don't rush. Here's simple step to making a machinima - get your disk your addicted to, snap it, continue with script !

Only joking man, just glad to see how far your already, looking forward to it - and don't rush to quickly into it, i'd prefer to wait until like next year for a pure epic TFS part, but very well, and see your at the TFS Shoots.
Luv matty :3

Anonymous said...

dont worry man, people have been waiting 4 blp 2 post an update for over 2 months
dont swet it man, we'll all be patient for the next episode but i think its a good idea 2 update as much as possible so people dont get impatient


Nothing can be perfect right? Take as much time as you need. Everyone doing what you do has setbacks to man. It's hard, but it will look great when done.

Anonymous said...

ya take ur time darknal love ur video but you have thongs to do and us fans can wait

Anonymous said...

I can forgive you on BF: BC 2. The MP is way too fun to stop playing right? But hey, it's also an advantage as well. You and your brother may get some more inspiration from the MP online experience on how to execute battle scenes in part 9, you know?

As a long-devoted fan since Part 2 came out, take your time, don't rush, but don't slack either (Because it's really going to be difficult finishing Part 9 once the Halo: Reach beta goes live May 3rd ya know?)


sethmcfalin said...

nah, just kiddin, take ur time n thnx for actually bothering to listen to my comment yesterday

Doppleganger said...

Hey Darknal. Do you like our support and thankings because we sure do appreciate your effort and devoted time JUST FOR OUR ENTERTAINMENT? But your recent posts may oppose. I think you're a friend and all of us should. Who else may be so kind and devoted time (besides chrisnepts).

chrisnepts said...

aawww. doppleganger i <3 u :3

Doppleganger said...

What's that mean?

Anonymous said...

Hey Darknal, if you do carry T.F.S into Halo Reach and Bungie allow people to use Pelicans/Phantoms in multiplayer do you think you would incorporate the dropships into your machinimas?