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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

T.F.S Part 9 Update


I have finished the first draft of the script, which is basically final but will be tweaked as things go on.

As I am still waiting for my brother to get settled, plus the fact he has a baby due today also, I will be concentrating my efforts on offline shoots at the moment. Then once everything is finalised, be moving onto the more challenging online shoots.

I will get things in motion soon.

Good times. The Red Spartans name in Part 8 is Tamerlane (Voice actors choice, as all voice actors choose their own name to an extent).



chrisnepts said...

Tamerlane, kickass :D
Love that your updating more frequenly now, and glad to see things slotting into motion, SSA is also doing the same as it is now a movie. :D

Hope to speak to you soon,
Thanks, Matthew Lake.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Darknal. Say congrats to your brother from me. Hope everything goes well.

Take care LNER Tornado.
(Jarred Webb)

UAstudios said...


Anonymous said...

wow chrisnepts i think your up darknals arse so far you carnt even see daylight even more. tell you what if you cannot be the one to suck up to him for one week i ow you an apology

Gratlofatic said...

Isle! Just finished watching part 8 and I nearly shit my pants! Great work!

I'm surprised to actually see you continuing on this series, most people quit their series from lack of interest. Hope to see more work from you! I would love to work with you :P


Anonymous said...

To the anonymous below UAstudios:
Get off of Chrisnepts.
He works with Darknal on T.F.S.
Be isn't sucking up to him he's just talking Friend to Friend.

Anonymous said...

I want to jizz on your mom's tits

UAstudios said...

Nah I agree with Anonymous, Chrisnepts is a little bit of a kiss-up.

chrisnepts said...

Oh yeah - i'm clearly a kiss ass because i'm giving him friendly support? Yeah whatever guys, you lot are pathetic.

And to the second anonymous - i totally agree with you. The other people GTFO and stop trolling.

Anonymous said...

lol even i am in the T.F.S and chrisnepts you are a suck up. a really bad one aswell, their is support and friendship and then pure "Arse licking" and that my friend is you.

Darknal said...

Hello All.

Firstly Chrisnepts must be kind to me, 1.Because he is the only one who's been allowed to upload his SSA to machinima without a word from me, so would expect some kiss ass.

2nd. I am the greatest Machinima Director of all time and demand some respect hahahaha....

No being serious though, he is one of my longest serving Big Team Crew members and is infact speaking to me in a way others might not understand.

Try not to argue too much on here please. We are all after the same thing guys, Part 9 lol.

Peace. Love you Chrissynepts hahaha

chrisnepts said...

wuv you too :3

Anonymous said...

Your all really sad if you think chrisnepts is up Darknal's arse. Isn't he allowed to be pleasent to him. From what I am reading you want him to be arrogant git like the rest of you. If you don't have anything that is in the slightest bit sensible don't bother posting anything on here.

chrisnepts said...

Message to Night Hawk - i got your message on xbox live, if you could please comment your gamertag on here and i'll add you. Thanks! :)

NarutoROCKS189 said...

This is a load of fail. I hope you realize chrisnepts isn't on Darknal's crew.

chrisnepts said...

^^ At Naruto.. yeah i am.

UAstudios said...

Whatever. Talk all you want but your not going to change my mind about Chrisnepts.
In my opinion the best director of all time thing is getting real cocky, there is plenty of competition. In my opinion Darknal has been a great director. Not the best. Thats RoosterTeeth... Many people haven't even visited their website, they make very good action and comedy episodes.
They're legacy will never die out..

chrisnepts said...

UA - Darknal is having a laugh.

Jesus christ, can't anyone read text on the internet these days and not know its either been sarcastic or a joke?

... UA, your probably one of those people who believed Bungie.net when they said Arby'N'The Chief sucks ballz on their site. And yeah RT is great, and pretty much 999/1000 people within the machinima community have heard of them or seen their content. Yeah RT are awesome, but so is darknal. Darknal is a sole person, RT has a team a team that has more then 10 directors, and they have over 7 years experience now.

So there nuff said, Darknal is a good director, RT are a good team of directors - Now lets NOT turn this into an argument of what directors are better, different directors are better within different mediums and genres. Lets just leave it at that.

And yeah - so what if im a kiss ass? Its a pretty nice ass to kiss :)

Anonymous said...

Thats probably one of the most randoms endings to an argument that I have seen in a long while.

UAstudios said...

-First of all, thanks for agreeing with me about RT.

-Your last phrase was a little homosexual, and your basically agreeing with me there... (That you do suck up).

-And, I'm glad to see Darknal laughing, I am a pretty humorous guy...

-Lastly I had no idea bungie.net banned or did whatever to Arby'N' the cheif, but whatever it is they shouldn't of...

-So basically that kind of concludes you are #1: A suck up.
and #2: That Darknal is not the best director out there.

So I'm glad you respect my reasoning Chrisnepts...

Anonymous said...

darknal does have a team. i think its called the T.F.S big team crew and his brother also help with alot of the stuff aswell. so i would say that is a team and not a solo effort. dont get me wrong here i reckon darknal is one of the best action directors ever.
just putting my points across :P lets end it here with out you know who (chrisnepts) saying something back to try and kiss arse again..

chrisnepts said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
chrisnepts said...

Right everyone, i don't see what your fucking big deal is with me right? That last comment by UA i respected, but that last anonymous has just crossed the line.

yeah so what if my comment seemed a bit homosexual ITS CALLED A JOKE.
two Darknal's big team TFS crew is a BODY ACTING crew not a video editing crew. So anonymous stop bitching, you clearly know nothing about me and how dare you come on here patronizing me about some god damn text? You do not know how i behave in real life, not have you even met or spoken to me, you just imagine in your tiny little fucked up world that i type hatefully bashing my keyboard and typing with angry faces and fuck within every sentence because dicks like you on the internet are exactly like that.

Now i respected UA's comment - yeah so what if im a kiss up? Maybe i am? and maybe your a kiss up to RT.. i don't care, just stop judging me as a 'kiss ass' when you clearly know fucking nothing about me.

Now to the last anonymous - how dare you put that little comment at the end about me replying just to continue this argument? Do you think i like been judged as a kiss-ass because i have a friendly relationship with darknal and like to give friendly support ext. to him? Yeah whatever - judge me for that, say i'm a supporting friend who takes everything into consideration and likes to help friends out.

So basically - if im a kiss ass, everyone of your friends in real life or online are kiss ass' just because their friendly. Now UA, stop trying to make out that im a dick, which you may think by the way i type - but so what? its just text - that doesn't show my overall personality does it. Now lets leave my SA alone (Probably enough for a grade A GSCE here..)

Now everyone just stop, it isn't funny any more. Take into consideration of others feelings before you begin trolling the internet.

Anonymous said...

shut the fuk up, u are a kiss ass . . . only jokin bud

Night Hawk said...

To chrisnepts
I changed my gamertag
It is now
v The Striker v
Thanx for replying

Anonymous said...

Hey chrisnepts, I don't think you are helping the situation by replying to that last comment by that anonymous guy. Your just going to make things worse for yourself. I don't know you but I would ask you not to reply to these sort of messages, let them think what they want. At the end of the day they are pathetic and have nothing better to do with their lives. Please don't take this comment as an order, it's just a suggestion.

Take care LNER Tornado

Darknal said...

How about guys we stop the arguing. If you have managed to look me up to find my blog then we are all apart of the same side (So to speak). If Chris, you feel you need to reply to a comment, at least only reply if they actually have a name rather than anonymous as if the people your arguing against don't show themselves, why are you bothering.

Everyone is intitled to their opinion and all you need to worry about Chris is youself and people on here that do care what you think etc.

I get a lot of haters, but do I rise to the bait? There's no need, just keep your cool, keep doing what your doing, and speak to people who show themselves if its that important to you :)

Love you all

UAstudios said...

I am sorry Chrisnepts, (I still think your a kiss up), but I was wrong to try and judge you by your actions.
I'm sure "Its a pretty nice ass to kiss" phrase was just some sexual humor, alike the kind I see at my school all the time.
But if I was darknal, and I didn't know you I'd be like... who the f is this freak...
I was expecting a straight up like... stfu UAstudios! blah blah **** blah blah.

HEY and I keep my messages CLEAN chrisnepts there is no need for profanity. once again I judged you by your actions not your intentions... (well hopefully your intention wasn't to kiss darkanl's arse. (Ha thats a cool word to say,). Or lets hope not...

I dont know how long this message can be lol. But if anyone wants to be apart of a machinima group I've got some spots open.

I really only need voice actors. Beacuse I only do offline machinima-making or whatever.

Anyway, if interested in my group head over to this address...


(Copy and Paste).
Also Darknal I highly encourage you to try and make a machinima with only the top directors out there. Like digitalsphere. MAYBE RT but I highly doubt it. And darknal if you did I bet you anything you'd get tons of views..

Darknal said...

Hello UA Studio

Firstly I do not wish to work with Digitalph33r, we have different styles and I do not really like his.

Second, RT are a huge company now and so making a machinima for entertainment with them is something that just wouldnt happen.

In fact, I dont want to work with other machinima directors as I like my style and think Thake Films creates something new, something which even well known directors arn't doing.

But I do have voice actors from big machinima's as I am close to other popular ones. Kootra Productions, Guitarmasterx7, Darkspire Films (who are voicing in Part 9).

I prefer where I'm going with my series and do not need help from other big directors. In fact, I wouldn't know how to use them.


UAstudios said...

I respect that. It makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Hey Darknal quick question,

You know that RT started off as a small group of poeple like yourself who then became a large company. Do you think you would like to do this or would you prefer to stay as you are?

Cheers, LNER Tornado.

Anonymous said...

christy, you must be soooo far up his ass that u are practicly eating the shit before it drops, darknal really doesent need u in his crew to him you are like ur dick, tiny and insugnificant

Anonymous said...

(btw that wasnt me above)

since i am probably the one that started all of this, i am the one who is going to end it.
( i was the first anonymous who commented about chris)

i look back now and i feel like an idiot because look at what i have started.

im sorry chris i gues i was just jealous of you because you are in the line light, abd i feel like an outcast in darknals crew when were doing shoots. i try my best to stand out and behave but it dosent get noticed, si basicly i was jealous of you chrisnepts. and i am going to end the argument here by the person who it started with.

i am not going to reveal my name because i will probably get what i deserve.
so i hope this stupid argument dosent continue anymore except for apologies and " yer that guys right lets just stop arguing"

thats all i have to say.....

Darknal said...

To ANYONE who is in the TFS Crew.

If you feel I am favouriting someone, it is not the case. People who recieve a higher place in the credits crew are based on their appearances. Chrisnepts is one of the highest who has turned up consistently behaved (to an extent). The more shoots people attend, the higher the ranking. It takes time.

Chrisnepts doesn't get undeserved treatment but as he is someone I can rely on in the shoots (from his show ups) I praise those who take their time and dedicate it to me.

People who attend a lot also get better roles in the shoots, but if you are persistent, you will recieve better roles. I'm sure I have given you a role before, this usually means I am happy with your body acting.

You dont just have to show up though, you need to behave, listen and body act well. Chris has had his moments in the past and don't want anyone to feel left out or unappreciated as this is definatly not the case.


Anonymous said...

Darknal if you ever make it big congrats to that and your bro listen i only started watching you 7 days ago but already im impressed i belive you will make it so far up that you'll make lucasarts look like road kill and if you like i have a pretty good idea in my opinion in part 8 their was an ambush and also cosmic left well have cosmic near the enemy hq and as a lone wolf break in and do a lot of damage but get caught and now someone has to save him..... you know what dont bother if you do like my idea so far comment again if not fine good luck to you your bro and the team your going to kill me with anticipation someday wow this is long if you read this far your not human if so thx

Anonymous said...

To The Anonumous above,
I'm pretty sure Darknal has already made the storyline so he cant just change it like that.

Anonymous said...

to the anonymous who commented about my idea it was just an idea and besides i love his series any way but youtubers say they want conan to come back so... but keep up the great work darknal