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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Armour Accounts - Halo 3


My brother is still sorting a few things out. I have also been experimenting with some effects that will now cause HUGE problems coz now I've gone for a more, quality in each shot I'm going to make causing each scene to take a while, you'll understand when you see it.

Anyway, rambling, what this post is about is, I need accounts that you will freely let go of that contain all of the Halo 3 armours (Not Recon) as I need as many accounts avaliable to shoot offline scenes.

This would mean giving your extra accounts to me in exchange for credit on the episode, so not your main account as you will not get it back.

If you know anyone or have extra accounts you do not need anymore that contain all amours such as 'Security shoulders' etc then please email me on directordarknal@gmail.com

Or email me to discuss it if you would like more information.

Kind Regards


chrisnepts said...

Hey darknal - i have like 6 accounts with all armours on :D i use them for mine, i'll email you and we'll discuss it further :D

Night Hawk said...

Hey darknal
If you are only using the accounts for offline shoots then people can give you the account, u recover it on your xbox, then they will re-recover it back home. It will still be there on your xbox it just won't be able to sign in to xbox live. Kind of complicated but u will get more accounts if you do it that way.

UAstudios said...

6 Accounts! Holy macro! Like... what!

Anonymous said...

night hawk is right you can do that but that means giving darknal your email password or some other password relating to your main account which means not saying he might do this, but he will have accses to your emails on hotmail (thats in my case)and some other important accounts of mine. too riskt even thow darknal isnt that type of person.

chrisnepts said...

to anonymous above me -
Thats why darknal is asking for peoples second accounts not their main ones. :D

But i've already give him 5 accounts..

reaper said...

here is a simple solution. create new accounts and unlock the armor yourself.

PixelTeamProductions said...

Only trouble with that, reaper is that it would take a long time to get the reired achievements for a certain piece of armour.
Everyone having ODST in a system link game requires a total of 8 profiles that have all reach a private's rank on XBL.

chrisnepts said...

Yeah.. dave (DG TKO157) i think your proving his point. You should of showed a HARDER example then that - Private takes like, 10minutes XD - playing with new-comers is funny as out, they don't do anything - They just run up to you wanting to give you hugs. Quite funny, but i shouldn't laugh at their stupidity :(

Anyways, yeah dave you should of shown a harder example - Ex: RECON.

Anonymous said...

wuv you darknal :)

Doppleganger said...

Darknal, do you have any prediction on when this episode will be released?

Doppleganger said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Darknal said...

Unfortunatly no. I am attempting the impossible and its taking its time.. The script is finalised and the lines have gone out to all the voice actors. Just a matter of filming as I go, something which will not be easy, we are planning big things and are not entirely sure if we can pull it off. This statement will be made in my next update.

Modshopz18 said...

Hi darknal, i have some free accounts for you if you would like them, i have two with all armor including recon and 3 with everything, including security, but not recon. My email is Modshopz18@aol.co.uk. email if interested.
rgrds Luke

Darknal said...

Modshop: It seems your email does not work :)

Modshopz18 said...

sorry darknal i meant to put @hotmail.co.uk

Anonymous said...

hey darknal dont listen to that **** modshop guy, hes faking it i checked his hotmail and aol email adresses and they dont work!

Darknal said...

Instead of being extremely funny, if your serious email me at directordarknal@gmail.com.