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Friday, 23 April 2010

Life of a Gamer 2

Hello Guys,

Stormray/ Adam Parker has done another short based on his life which you can find here.

Again early on, his legendary voice and written skills shine especially seeing some nice art work as a screensaver.




youtubesmum said...

WOW great short film

chrisnepts said...

He did a great job, 5/5 :D

kinkybut said...

cool vid but u kind of sound like a fucking loser saying all that shit about urself and putting cheesy life of a gamer vids like that wont get u anywehere sry to break it to u

Doppleganger said...

Hey Darkal, what are the elites called besides elites? Your own army prominently known as the "White Spartans" have their own title as just previously said so the Elite's should have one to. Right

chrisnepts said...

Elites correct name is 'Macto cognatus'

That's probably not darknal's series term, but thats the Halo series correct name for them :)

Anonymous said...

I thought they were called Sangheili.