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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The Forgotten Spartans Reach or Halo 3?


I have been getting many messages about whether I am switching to Halo Reach, once the game is released and am I also using the Beta for The Forgotten Spartans.

The answer to this question is NO.

I am finishing the series on Halo 3, no matter how long it takes. Reason being is consistency.
I will play the beta to see my options for a new series I will be making on Reach. But,,, the continuation of The Forgotten Spartans will be completed on Halo 3.

Hope this clears some issues up.

On a note about the series, we are still working on creating the episode. No Chrisnepts, I don't think it's what you think it is, but we are doing difficult things. Things that you probably wont notice :)

Thats all for now.

Kind Regards


karl.jones46 said...

ok see ya soon darknal 4 days left woo

hudsoncreations said...

Chrisnepts got owned XD

chrisnepts said...

Lmao, :D
how do you know its not what I'm thinking? have you got telekinesis since I last spoke to you?

Lol :D, it doesn't matter if it isn't what I think its going to be, it'll still be awesome.

Yes lewis, i got owned :(

Hopefully reach lives up to the hype its generated. I was extremely disappointed with MW2, too much hype and a good game = shit game. Decent amount of hype + good game = awesome game. Well anyways, speak soon :) Gotta get finishing SSA (half an hour special.. god dammit. Lol)

reaper said...

keep it in halo 3.
you know you might not even get the same armor types as halo 3 in reach.

plus tfs was always a halo 3 film. it may seem unnatural to change now.

perhaps you can make a reach machinima for a new machinima after tfs.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Reaper. Actually before I read his comment I was going to ask you if you were planning on creating a new machinima series on Halo Reach? This question will probably get the same answer in this blog update. NO. But I thought I would ask just in case. Any info?

Cheers LNER Tornado

Darknal said...

Is it me or did I not answer all your questions, especially the one about am I going to make a new series. Let me quote myself.

"I will play the beta to see my options for a new series I will be making on Reach"

Also I have already said I'm keeping it in Halo 3 because of consistency which means armours, weapons etc.

Reach will be used yes but for something else.

UAstudios said...

Oh Boy darknal's gonna make a machinima on Halo Reach baby!

Doppleganger said...

Yeah didn't we go through this before when I started this freakin question frenzy! Look back and Darknal will have said the exact same thing as he did now.

Doppleganger said...

Oh yeah. Darknal (or Chrisnepts hehe) does the forgotten spartans have a theme song?

Doppleganger said...

Oh yeah. Darknal (or Chrisnepts hehe) does the forgotten spartans have a theme song?

Night Hawk said...

I dont mean to be rude Reaper and Tornado.
But before you comment in the future read something other than the fucking title. Darknal is right he did answer all your questions.
P.S. When or if you create a new series on Reach do you plan on using some of the same characters.( That is if they havent died yet..)

Darknal said...

@Night Hawk.

Yes I will be using the same characters as the machinima (Spoiler) will be called:

The Forgotten Spartans

This will be a proper prequal before becoming the Spartans they were today. But this will not start until completion of TFS in Halo 3.

Kind Regards

chrisnepts said...

Omg, darknal - Just to say, me and Dave have had the EXACT same idea for SSA, when we complete it. Due a prequal in reach, :)

Also to doppleganger, im not sure if TFS has a Theme song, but the usage of Orchestral series is epic enough, but SSA has a OST of its own composed by several composers :)

Darknal said...


Firstly, I already know whats going to happen in the series. Any story I have has been devised by myself a long time ago.

Secondly. If I were to pick a theme tune for TFS. One that sticks in my heart for the series would have to be from the Soundtrack Halo Combat Evolved - Love & a Piano. The tune heard at the end of Ep 1 and 3.

But Trinity from James Dooley that cost me loads is definatly the tune for the battles in T.F.S - first appeared in episode 7. Might appear in Episode 9.


chrisnepts said...

Hey again,
Btw - i didn't mean it as 'OMG U COPIED!!!' thing, i ment it as a Oh my god, we had same idea - Great minds think alike :) lol.

And as you told me before, not to think anything you have copied because you have lots of ideas, :) so yeah, speak soon. Hope to see you at TFS P9 shoots - Maybe a bit of reach in between? lol.

Many thanks, Matthew.

Anonymous said...

hi hi hi hi! vill it be the biggest fight in the end of the last eppisode????????????????

Doppleganger said...

Dear Darknal,
Have you ever heard of the series "Deadliest Warrior"? I have thought of a halo series that is a spin-off of Deadliest Warrior. A great episode would be "The White Spartan Vs. the Sangheli" don't you think?

Night Hawk said...

Back @ Darknal
Just something to think about.
Since the Reach Prequel will be with the same people, Will they have that Green armor that all Players start with( if its available on Reach?).
Also i Don't think Hayabusa and the other armors will be on Reach (Based on the trailers).

Anonymous said...

Hey darknal it's LNER Tornado.

when I asked the question I only wanted to know because I wasn't completely sure, so when you answered the question I felt like you were being a bit snotty towards me.

Yes I did read the blog, yes you did answer the question but all I wanted was to have it clarified. A simple yes or no would have done.

LNER Tornado

Darknal said...

Hi, in answer to the Reach Colour question. I have some ideas that will keep the Spartans identified and will explain it all during the series.

In answer to the other comment about me getting "Snotty".

I did not intend to offend you, only you must realise I am trying to answer many questions per day, most of which are by email, so it's very difficult to try and answer those questions when once they are answered, people are still asking on the actual blog that has just answered it.

Im sorry if it seems unfair, it's not personal, just you must understand I am very busy.

Kind Regards

Night Hawk said...

Thanks for replying again Darknal,
I was looking at some of the campaign characters on Reach.

This Guy Might match up for Darknal

This Guy could Match up for Conan

This Guy could Match up for Cosmic
Once again, Something to think about.

Darknal said...

Oh trust me. The Reach campaign characters seem like an exact copy from the The Forgotten Spartans characters. Conan I noticed a long time ago was certainly similar.

I have already thought about it and yes, its pretty obvious who will play who ;)


chrisnepts said...

Just to let you know darknal, if you didn't already know.

You create a spartan character (like halo 3 multiplayer) and can take them between the campaign & multiplayer without any issues. So like for example - If you buy legendary edition of Reach and get the flames, put the flames on your character and you'll have flames for both multiplayer and campaign :D

Joebomitcho said...

LOL i know this is going off topic but how to you apply to become a voice acter in the TFS. like stormray or kootra??

Lukeeee! said...

Hey darknal, im pre-ordering 6 of the legendary halo reach packages for my cousins and i, if you would like one ill pay for it if i could maybe be in the cast of the halo reach series, (not to be pushy) ;) if you do want one just ask! thanks!

chrisnepts said...

Darknal - one word. sixty four letters

UAstudios said...

Dude darknal, whats up with you. This update has been up for weeks,