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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

T.F.S Part 9 Update May 11th

Well, the Beta is in full swing and many voices have been returned for TFS.

Huge issue was reached when this "impossible" thing that's going to be unnoticable hasn't even been tested as my brother is still working on his house, so all the important scenes are being left till last, which will also be the longest bit.

So yes, again as always, long waits ahead and with the ever closing date of the Reach release, ending the series on Halo 3, time is running out.

BUT, some offline scenes have been filmed and just awaiting the remainder of the voices, and I can start work on those. Then the online shoots will follow and the difficult things begin. Bad Times..

Ok, sorry for the bad news but what did you expect from me :)



chrisnepts said...

haha, well least its an update man, keeping your fans informed :D

Well hope to see you at the TFS shoots. :)

lukeee! said...

hey darknal, i couldnt care less if part 9 took 10 years! i would still love it, dont worry about how it will be because you are truly a talented machinima maker, i have watched many series by all of the top machinima producers and yours is the BEST! take your time and it will be great. :D
p.s if you would like to get the pre order legendary edition for halo reach for free just ask (in return all i would like is a part in the series if possible)

PixelTeamProductions said...

Keep it up Darknal and good luck.

Joebomitcho said...

time is ticking use your time wisely, think of the present not the future. what happens happens and what dosent happen.... well theirs no going back, just stop and think , use the time you have to create something special dosent matter what we think, we will allways be behind you to get you on your feet. Reach is the finishing line of a series we shall allways remember, use this as a motive not a task, no matter what you create good or bad we will allways be fans, because thats what were for. great work darknal and good luck with the long future ahead of you.

mac said...

Hey man, take all the time you need. It's better to take time and make an awesome video, rather than rush it and make total crap

karl.jones46 said...

Exactly what lukee said except from the part were he says he will buy the legendary edition for you thats just scary *___*

lukeee! said...

actually Karl Jones i have bought them in bundle for my cousins off ebay so really it only cost like £20

Anonymous said...


At the end of the day we don't want you to rush yourself to get this episode done. Everyone who watches your machinima appreciates the hard work that you put in to it. If it means waiting for the finished product then we will wait. Just because Halo Rach is coming out in Autunm doesn't mean that you have to rush the series to finish it in time.

Please take all of the time that you need in order to finish this great machinima. We are all happy to wait.

Take care LNER Tornado

karl.jones46 said...

Lukee i never said anything wrong i just said thats scary.......trust me i couldve said a lot worse things

lukeee! said...

ok sorry no offence taken Karl
btw to the last anonymous, you are so right!

reaper said...

i bet i can guess this impossible thing when it comes out.

Anonymous said...

Oh so sorry abote that. I hope that your brother will be finished and I wish yo good good good good good good good luck!

The swedish guy. Jag hoppas att det går bra! (it means: I hope it will work great!)

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see that Darknal has fans out in Europe.

Doppleganger said...

What's so impossible? When you say filming is impossible, what exactly is the part? The animation, the writing, or the editing? Anything please just say it.

MRDNRA said...

how are you going to be able to run it continuity wise from Halo 3 to Halo Reach? the different armors alone make it seem not really doable, not to mention having totally new maps to work with.

UAstudios said...

Part 1- Story
Part 2- Adventurous
Part 3- Sick
Part 4- Story
Part 5- Wicked
Part 6- Story
Part 7- Incredible.
Part 8- EPIC!
Part 9- [Unknown]...

We'll see what fits in for part 9.

Anonymous said...

Hey Darknal this is GHOST749 the guy who is making The Fall of Valhalla, yeah if you could send me all the spartans names, armors, and colors to jeffthespartan749@yahoo.com it would be much appreciated.

Doppleganger said...

Part 9: Die Hard Cool!