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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Meeting Darknal

Eight selected people will be able to meet me, Darknal, at my house along with Conan and Crippled Corpse (My brother who invented the character Librius) to participate in the filming of an offline shoot where Recon Armour is required. You will recieve a FREE DVD of T.F.S up to certain episode. You will need to bring a controller, headset and your gamertag, either by hard drive or memory card so that you will be able to use your Recon Armour.

As those who are selected may be young, your parents are welcome to come along and stay throughout the short shoot. I will talk to you about some of the making and answer any questions you may have. Autographs, although slightly weird, will be given to those that actually want one.

This will not happen for a long while but I need to get the eight selected before it does so that everything is ok and sorted.

Location you'd need to get to is Southend-On-Sea in Essex UK so do not enter if you are unable to attend or do not have Recon Amour unlocked.

People in my T.F.S Crew will get Priority.

Send who you are, and why you should be selected to

Remember this will be happening when filming the last episode of the series, so not anytime soon.

Good hunting.



karl.jones46 said...

i wouldnt be able to do this i'm irish =(


I wouldn't be able to do this also. But i can still help with online shoots xD

chrisnepts said...

Wow.. i'd love this oppertunity. I'll have to run a few things by parents first, but once i get the all clear i'll let you know :D

Love matty :3

Joke joke.

hudsoncreations said...

**Dribbles XD**
But seriously

I would love to enter, but I don't have recon :(


hudsoncreations said...

Oh yeah, one more thing, why is recon a requirement?

chrisnepts said...

Wait hudson! T0P S3CR3TZ !

You will find out... patience.. wait until the final part.. you will found out soon enough.. MWUAHHAHA

joke joke.
But seriously just wait for the thing, don't spoil nothing :3

Night Hawk said...

Wow Darknal,
Thats real nice of you to invite random people who have never met you before to come and meet you, for who some people consider an Icon or Idol of somekind. And i agree about the autographs thing, that would be wierd and different but kinda cool. I'm in the States so i'm obviously not gonna make it. You said the Recon armor would be in the last Part? (To Darknal or any other cast members who know the full story line of TFS) How many Parts or videos do you think there will be before TFS is finished?

chrisnepts said...

There we go, I've got permission and I've submitted my mini-application darknal :) Enjoy!

Joebomitcho said...

i have recon and a national insurance number, so im ok to go except how far away is liverpool??
if its more than a 1 hours trip i cannot go.

sethmcfalin said...

hmmmmm, 8 recon people (possibly more) a recovery team maybe? or a simple spartan team sent in for another reason? guess we'll find out when the series is finished! (and, if it does finish, i hope you do other series or maybe even a second season)

Doppleganger said...

I am Irish to as a matter of fact. Although I live in Alaska.

fofmuse said...

Well, I don't have recon and the US is too far (I think flying there would be a bit too much) so I guess I'm won't be asking. Oh well, I'll be awaiting here for the episode when it comes.

chrisnepts said...

Darknal, just saw your reply to that douches comment on TFS P7 Trailer.. you utterly burned him. XD loved the come back! He got served.. for this i give u a cookie!

rubymaster45 said...

extremely akward in my opinion. I mean sounds great but... Im going up to my mom and dad saying "Hey dad, can i go to UK so I can go to some random person's house who creates these awesome things called machinima's? So I can meet him and be in his next episode" I dont know dude. I live in California so... and I dont appreciate the reconaissance persuasion( i dont have recon). interesting idea. Sounds like a sweepstakes. but just akward.

Perfection..=] said...

i would love to come over, but i don't know where you guys live at. :[

Doppleganger said...

What's the aggregate amount of people you selected so far?

Anonymous said...

whehn is the next part released? :D

Mother Russia Says Goodbye said...

I'd apply but I can do German and Scotish Accents. Plus I'm Russian

blacklabelstudios said...

Darknal, loving the new banner :D !!

chrisnepts said...

Darknal the previous comment from BlackLabelStudios was me, thats my new productions crew name. :)

Night Hawk said...

Hey Darknal,
in your post you said that you will be making DVD's of the series up to date on the story as of then.
Do you think that once you have comleted the series you would sell DVD's of the series.
It would be alot easier than Youtube videos.


Anonymous said...


I agree with you, he should sell these DVD's in shops, I'm fairly sure that Darknal would make a fortune if he were to do that. Good idea :)

chrisnepts said...

Yeah great idea, hes had it rolling around for a while, but i've only just discovered to make a DVD of HALO Machinimas and SELL THEM (make people buy them) then you need an exclusive contract from microsoft / bungie / machinima, who will take a certain percentage out of the profit... which will be pretty big amounts.

Darknal said...

I'm affraid I do not have the licence to sell Bungie or Microsofts Product. Which means I am unable to sell DVD's containing Halo 3. Even if I was to sell them for a price of a DVD, this would class as copyrite. I am currently trying to get in touch with Microsoft about steps in which I could take.


Night Hawk said...

thanks for replying Chrisnepts and Darknal.
I realize that you would need a contract with them which is probably more work than you want to do. But you could still get some profit and maybe get your money back for all the recording and editing tech. that you had to buy.
thanks again,

Anonymous said...

Hey Darknal quick question.

If you were to get the licensing to sell DVD's of T.F.S what price do you think you would sell them at. Just a guess.

Cheers, LNER Tornado.

Anonymous said...

Also this may sound stupid but because you have fans all over the country do you think you would be prepared to ship your DVD's around the country, not you personally but send them to stores nationwide. Just curios.

Take care, LNER Tornado.

sethmcfalin said...

randomly: i love the new logo at the top of the page, and a covenant cruiser? hope it shows up soon, could be trouble for omega squad

Darknal said...

I am unable to ship them to stores as the same rules apply. If I were to sell them, I would probably sell the whole series on two Discs for around £10, not including postage.

At a guess.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info.

Take care LNER Tornado

Anonymous said...

hey darknal
u seem to not be posting as many blog posts as much
just comments

even if its not 6 paragraghs could u try to post more and just keep the people looking for a new post


Anonymous said...

hello barknal! If you make your DVD with T.F.S. please delite the text when it stands "To be continued" and the last clip in part two and the first clip in the third part, when they finds the other spartans in the "stand of", because they are the same clip! and the text after the movies and before the movies, bt not the first text in part one and the text in the end of the last part. I know it will be hard, but it can be much better if yo do that. :D
from a swedish boy who think you are great!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

sorry!!! in the text over this, it stands Barknal, sorry, I meant to wright Darknal. th swedish boy againe.

Tom said...

Hey darknal im a huge fan of your Machinimas (i bet every body says that). I deffinetly cant go cause Im in the states but if you need any help with the videos contact me at tom.butler888"gmail.com

Tom said...

Oh sorry the " in my email address is really an @. my keyboard is messed up

Anonymous said...

i would be able to help with online shoots.