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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

T.F.S Part 9 2010 Info


A little late but a new year, sounds almost futuristic, 2010 :)

Anyway, I will start work on the script in February for T.F.S Part 9, as you may have already guessed, the Spartans have joined the battle against the Elites in order to reach the Elites Command base on the other side of the ice wall.

So Part 9 will be another battle, but not just any battle, a battle based around the main characters of T.F.S. Every battle scene will have a purpose and it'll mean a lot more coming from the characters who you have tuned in to watch fight. This episode will also end the current story and a new story will take hold. Comsic has disappeared in a Hornet (not to escape the ring) but to commence his slightly shaken mind journey to do what 'he has to do'.

The filming for Part 9 will start when I have the script finished so I will start filming in March.

Don't be alarmed, it was only to be expected. The episodes completion is not a date I can set as it's purely based on the free flowing script writing and filming. As you know Post Production is the longest part, plus voices being returned in time so a lot needs to be done and if I only start filming in March, there is a lot to wait for.

But it is only fair that I give you this information as I know many of you want to know what's happening.

I will always say if I will not be making any others so if there is not a "To Be Continued" then the likely hood of me making another episode is slim, but there always is one (Apart from Part 3) so I will contine until the series stops how I intend it to be. If I am still making T.F.S by the launch of Halo: Reach, then the series will move over to that game.

I will be in touch with further information as of when I know myself.

Kind Regards
Chris Thake


Irish Machinima said...

nice darknal see ya in march or sooner


(p.s this account sucks =)

fofmuse said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fofmuse said...

Do you mean Part 10?

Night Hawk said...

alrite thanks for the update Darknal.

When the date comes closer could you try to give us an idea of when it will be completed.

Good luck


sethmcfalin said...

bout time for an update!(jk!) but seriously thnx for the update and i got a question, isn't halo: reach BEFORE halo 1, so how does that work?

Darknal said...

It's not about the game's campaign time scale. It's about using the game's new features and upgrades to continue the story. I'll just be using Reach's Multiplayer to continue the story, nothing to do with the game's campaigns timescale. Just an upgrade of engine I'm using.

PixelTeamProductions said...

Nice one Darknal looking forward to it.

Oh and on the reach topic, since I discovered that certain civilian vehicles such as pickup trucks and that might be available for use in the game, I'm wondering if the TFS story could go back to the events when the Spartans first arrived on the ring.

Still Good luck woith Part 9 and hope you have alot of fun making it.

Kind regards
DG TKO157 of Pixel-Team Productions

reaper said...

or heres an idea. you could make a new movie or series after tfs

chrisnepts said...

glad for an update. Kinda worried about the whole moving over to reach idea, but it all depends on whats available. I'm not sure the majority of armors that are available in halo 3 are available in Reach (Such as Mark 5, or Mark 6) some are still available, but most are gone. But glad to hear your ideas, and atleast it will continue the story more. So guess we'll just have to see what you pull out. And see you in march then.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the armor might be different but that could actually be a good thing. The main characters for T.F.S could have all of their armor changed after the final battle because they have become far to badly damaged to be worn anymore. That's what I think anyway. What does everyone else think?

sethmcfalin said...

^ i guess, but i think the master chief's armor has been thorugh far worse (i mean seriously, it's been thorugh all those little grinding fiascos and going thru a friggin portal!)
(ps: thnx for clearing up the confusion of my earlier comment and can't wait to see how the new weapons and vehicles are going to work) cheers!

Doppleganger said...

To Sethmcfalin: Remember what the introduction on every episode says not based on the actual story.

Doppleganger said...

If you make a finishing tfs on Halo 3, make a special SEASON finale. Put a huge war in this you know some of that TFS action in there. Oh yeah if you actually do you should put Librius in this battle.

Night Hawk said...

hey darknal.
a few friends of mine along with myself are trying to create a MAchinima action series.
any tips?


Anonymous said...

Hey Darknal, when people critisize your work don't always think of it as a bad thing, what you should do is re-watch your episodes, see where you went wrong and think to yourself how you could have improved it. Take the comments on board and think what should and shouldn't be involved. I know you said that you will be doing these machinimas the way you want to do them but please think about what i said.

Darknal said...

My last post is based exactly on that. As much as you might not think it, previous episodes have been made based on comments by fans. I have tried listening and implementing things to make people happy, just to come to the conclusion that not everyone will ever be pleased.

This is why I have made the decision of doing it my way as I watch my episodes for my entertainment, if people hate it, I don't care, as I really have given up on caring on critics opinions when it's obviously one of the "TOP" Halo Machinima's out there. The fact the OXM, Official Xbox 360 Magazine says its one of the most impressive machinima's means jelous kids who critise without knowing anything mean nothing to me.

They will be made how I want them to be and follow the story I want.

People who wish to follow me and enjoy them for what they are can do so. Can't be bothered with the haters, waste of time.


Anonymous said...

Well I'm happy if you are. I'm not trying to control you.

Anonymous said...

Hello, first off I love the series you are beyond good, second I was wondering how do you get all those people in the epic battle scenes? I am not going to copy it but it just really bothers me how you did lol, well anyways can't wait till next episode!

Doppleganger said...

Dear Darknal:
Do you fear that you will lose cool action scenes by using 'em too much? I mean all your cool action parts (I think the coolest action parts are the splatters) are starting to be used up. If you needed help (if thats possible) I have ideas.