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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

T.F.S Part 8 Update


Production on Part 8 is still very slow. At this current time, we are still working on the animation for a large section of the episode (It's nothing special) but hard to do as I've already stated.

Plus we are adding in a tiny fight scene at the end but using scale and this takes a lot of planning etc. Each shot needs to be planned and as we are incorpriating vehicles into these shots, it takes twice as long to do.

Remember that I didn't start production on Part 8 till very late as I had another project in the works plus the summer was time out so only really got started.

It's not that I am not making it, as I am now, but wasn't earlier on.

I will try and update you with further progress soon, but currently working on some hard shots.

Kind Regards


PixelTeamProductions said...

I can understand, With the second part of my machinima out, I know that it takes planning before you do an action shoot. I also know that these things can't be rushed.

Just do what you've gotta do.

See you around Darknal

Chris said...

I fully agree take as much time as you need. Meanwhile I will be playin me some ODST :)

chrisnepts said...

Glad to know, Take your time, don't rush anything or the end result will be spoilt, Take your time and get a great result. but we know we always do get a great result anyway!

Cya tonight at shoot.

Comik300 said...

PixelTeam, what's your machinima titled? And Darknal, thanks for the update. Good to know :)

chrisnepts said...

To Comik300
They're Machinima Is Entitled: 'Troopers' Its Great Concidering Its Their First Machinima xD

Anonymous said...


EventlessFan said...

Hey Darknal me and my friends are gonna make a michima.But we have no idea how.We were wondaring if u could help us.Its will be called sniper teeam bravo.My xbox live gamertag is EventlessFan.please help us out if you can.Oh and i cant wait for part8 U RULE