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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

T.F.S Part 8 Update


I have been heavily working on overlay shots and editing most things I have shot.

The second half of the script is complete and some of that is edited already. Fast times..... At the end of this editing this 'what I have' phase, I will be doing a few more shoots online to fill some of the gaps then editing that into the final cut.

My brother Dave ran in to a few problems with the new animation and still at this point, is a very worrying concept, but I'm sure it will get done in time.

I am planning on having this episode out by 4th December. BUT, this is by all means NOT definate and as soon as I have a near final cut of the episode, I will release the official trailer.

Either way, things are coming along and moving nicely. Remember it is a story driven episode, but as this was the case, there are scene's of the more combat nature to tickle your tastebuds.

Good times....

Also, as Kootra, and GuitarmasterX7 have come onboard (names I think you know) just letting you know that episode 9 will feature DSF (DarkSpire Films) creators of Matchmaking naming one of their popular series. So the ever growing popular cast grows even further.

Peace for now.


chrisnepts said...

Sweet Great News!
Speak soon :)

MrTTom said...

Darkspire films?

You've been getting around alot haven't you Darknal ;)

PixelTeamProductions said...

Good to here from you Darknal. Hope part 8 is going as you predicted.

Kind regards

Anonymous said...

Darknal good job as always on your series. Best machima on the web. Pixelteam love your new series trooper will help you or darknal with voice or body acting if you guys want. Gamer tag GHOST749

Brad said...

hope you get it up online by the 4th couse my bday is the next day, it would be an exelent bday present

Anonymous said...

Holy Fuck! It would have been a year. Dang that must be hardwork. Darknal, you must be fatigued.

Anonymous said...

Nice job on the series. Can't wait for this one! Just take your time and it'll turn out great. No rush!

Joey125 said...
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