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Monday, 28 September 2009

T.F.S in ODST???

Hello peeps.

I have been getting a few messages about whether I am going to use ODST for T.F.S. The answer to this question is "No".... I will not be using ODST for my series for a number of reasons. The main reason is the same as to why I did not use Halo 3 campaign for my series.

The other is because it is too limited. Firstly, it's all based on Earth. T.F.S isn't based on Earth and there are only 4 characters, the rest are A.I, I only like to do things if they are purely created by me. Vehicles, Men and Elites must be able to be controlled by a real person, not the A.I. The firefight mode would purely be 4 players acting out scenes based on what the covenant do. This doesn't bode well considering I am limited to how I film the shots, what happens in the scene.

I may as well play firefight with some friends and edit it up.

I will obviously use the Mythic map pack, but this isn't ODST, it's multiplayer.

Just so your aware, I will not be using anything from the ODST Disc for T.F.S and this is not why the episode is taking time. It's taking time because the animation we are doing is all being done by one person and when you see it, you will realise why it has taken a while. It's purely because doing what we are doing is extrememly difficult although it may not look like it...

Speak soon.


Anonymous said...

I too know how limited it is to make a machinima, using ODST's disc. I've currently tried out a number of ways. I've event tried putting in 2 profiles during the campaign at night and lowering their weapons. ODST machinima, if you want to lower your weapon can only be done with 2 people on a single XBOX. If you used systemlink then you'd probably be able to use 4, but it's still not that good as both the character look the same. Only way you'd be able to tell the difference would be by weapons. You could do it in firefight as you have multiple character options, but the trouble is that if you were filming a talk sceen, there'd be plasma blasts, mortars, brutes and grunts shoulting, etc.

So I can under stand why you wouldn't use ODST in TFS.

Oh and sorry this comment was a bit...Long.

Kind regards

chrisnepts said...

Okie dokie then..

K1LL3R Productions said...
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K1LL3R Productions said...

I'm happy your not using ODST the cast would have the wrong helmets.

Anonymous said...

Dear Darknal:
I have been waiting both optomistically and patiently but please update the forgotten spartans man. Of course if I emailed you, you wouldn't respond.


Anonymous said...

Standoff in Valhalla. You mean MEXICAN standoff.

Anonymous said...

Darknal I am a huge fan of your series I have tried to add you on xbox live but is said your friends list is full i am trying to message saying "can i be in your series", "can i give you an idea"' "how do you react to the new HALO 3 ODST gameplay which doesnt feature a spartan", and "why is it you never play matchmaking".

Anonymous said...

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franz 101697@ xbox live said...

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Anonymous said...

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