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Sunday, 13 September 2009

T.F.S Update 14th September


Back from my holiday with my son. Amazing times as he enjoyed it so much.. Makes me happy :)

As Big Team shoots are very limited I have been working on the editing of the first half of the episode. Coming along nicely I would say. Very difficult as most of this episode is story and not much EPICNESS as many are waiting for. BUT, as this is a long movie, there will be episodes at a smaller scale and some episodes being big like Part 7. I just want you guys to know that this episode is based around the introduction of the Chief and taking the story further but still sticking to the core feel of T.F.S as you know it.

I am awaiting some animation from my brother Dave, who does all the animation for Ships etc although it's not a space scene he's working on, it's something else and this takes time, hense the huge delay in the episode being started. I needed to know it could be done before progressing with it. It might not be a lot to you guys when you see it, but this end, it's exremely difficult.

Then obviously we are doing some big team stuff that takes time and planning, but haven't got round to doing that side yet as I've been concentrating on more story based things at the moment.

But now the summer is over, I can put more effort into producing Part 8, which Part 9 will be straight into production as soon as I have completed Part 8. I don't want you guys to wait a huge ammount of time again, although, I can't promise anything with my schedule. It does break my heart that you guys wait so long and if I could I would do anything to be more commited but upholding my lifestyle is not easy and takes a lot of my time up.

Well, the first half is done and it is already around 8 minutes long so will be a long episode, but not full of the action you may hope for, but story for those who wish to see progression.

Hope the update will suffice.

Kind Regards


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Alrighty then Darknal. I hope your life is good, and us "true" fans are not rushing you. We know you have a life as well. Just as everyone else, I can't wait for the Episode 8 release. Good luck!

Your friend,

Anonymous said...

Nice to know your Darknal. Glad to know you had a great time with your son. I have a feeling that were definately not going to be disappointed wit Part 8 of TFS. Anyways, gotta get back to my macinima. battle scenes don't just edit themselves. See you around Darknal.

Kind regards
DG TKO157 of Pixel-Team productions

chrisnepts said...

Good To Hear Mate, Glad You Enjoyed Your Time With Your Son, See Cya Later, And I Hope You Got That Formatting Sorted, And Cya At The TFS Shoots,

Chrisnepts :)

DavaDarko said...

Thank you for the update Darknal, I hope you and your son had a great time, you earned it. I think you are amaking the right desition(forgive me if I miss spell)to add to the story line.

Good luck,

K1LL3R Productions said...

Thanks for the update.I wish I could help:(
Hope you had a good time with your son

Anonymous said...


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