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Tuesday, 14 July 2009


Hi all,

I'm affraid the script is STILL not finished yet due to some unforseen circumstances in my personal life.

But, Part 8 will be made and I am doing my every efforts to make sure that the episode expands, especially as it will be the last....... (For this story line anyway :) )

People are saying they will unsubscribe etc if I don't make it but lets look at some facts.

1. I'm not after subscriptions, hense I post them via Machinima.com, it's views I care about and the pure reason is to get as many people to watch the series as possible so that it is liked all over the world lol, world domination as Bungie says, so unsubcribing doesn't affect me or make me make the episode faster.

2. If you unsubcribe, all your doing is avoiding the fact that you will NOT be told when Part 8 will be out and even then, you'll still watch the episode because that's what you subscribed for in the first place giving me your view and you cumming in your pants as I hope you will. If your a female, same applies.

3. Erm..... There isn't a 3 because the first two were so good ;)

On a serious note, I will make the episode when I can physically do it and right now, it will take a while. Eventually it will be made and the internet is SO BIG, that I'm sure that you guys can find ways to entertain yourself like,,,,,, Watch the series a million times getting me a million views.... Haha...... I got some bad news recently so my mind is else where, but rest assured that the script will be done and filming will hopefully follow.. Editing... Well, that's the hard bit lol.....

Either way, I appreciate all your patience, I will however do my best to update you as production continues. Please don't hate mail me, it only slows me down. To all those that tell people to be patient, good on you... That's a true T.F.S fan. Well, I appreciate it anyway....

P.s. Green guy in Part 7 is Master Chief, not Conan... Armour and voice should be clear enough. Yes I know the Chiefs green is slightly off but depends on the level what looks best. As you know, the multiplayer doesn't offer the true Chief Green.

Love you all, stay true, be kind to each other, and enjoy Xbox gaming as it's the best :)



GlobeShoes said...

Nice post man! You should some more often though just to let us know your alive ;) Anyways Im with you till the end bro take care

Anonymous said...

Nice one Darknal. And I know what it's like to be making machinima, being a fellow director myself. You are quite right, a great piece of work takes time to create, and if it's rushed, then it will just look...well...crap. So good luck with part 8 ;-).

Halo123roxu said...

Cool Darknal Ill watch them again and again and again Darknal you are the best (And I`m not just saying that)

J said...

I'm happy its coming!
I love the series.
I've watched it like 80 times its so AWESOME!You know what GlobeShobe said same for me man.
TFS ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey darknal i love your shows of TFS..i will begladly wait for part 8 and i aint unsubscribing... and like u said the internet is big there alot else to entertain us. my youtube name is blackwingz55 i send u a request but it seems u didnt add me.

Anonymous said...

oooo srry my spelling problem on my latest post the anonmyous which is blackwingz55 the begladly is actually be gladly.

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for the update. Bummed that it's going to be the last of the story line but I am sure you will do a great job on it.

Ring 127 said...

Hey Darknal, Nice to see a post! I don't have any problem with waiting, just keep on posting to keep us updated, not in the dark. A bit of adault language in there eh? ;)

Halo123roxu said...

Take your time Darknal you make the best Machinmas ever! You make as all happy so take ur time.

From Halo

karl said...

darknal take your time if they want to unsubscribe there loss they wont see it lol take your time

Jake said...

take all the time you need to make the episode the best it can be, it won't kill people to wait a bit


Anonymous said...

wow dude you are awesome all the parts of this movie were awesome!

cant wait for part 8 and if you need any help or an extra person add me on xbox live my gamertag is YankNba

hope part 8 is good and keep up the good work :)