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Wednesday, 7 January 2009


Part 6 is now under my Playlist.

Hope you all enjoy it.



Halo123roxu said...

Darknal that was amazing! now I can`t wait until the seventh one.


Nemesis646 said...

That was amazing!

Firestorm0901 said...

I must say as one film person to another, well done sir!!!
(FYI Firestorm0901 on youtube and Halo 3, and anything else.)

I have really enjoyed your series, maybe when it is all said an done you can release it to DVD for all the fans. I know it may seem big now too but try merchandising, if you can do up a t-shirt or something. Try contacting people, maybe people like Roosterteeth can help out.

Anyway keep up the good work, look forward to 7 and feel free to contact me.

MrTTom said...

Glad to have been a part of this episode darknal, I'll see you and everyone else in the next machinima filming. The editing for the movie was great too.

jaws176 ((youtube and xbox live) said...

great 1 and i agree with firestorm u should merchandise. cant wait 4 the 7th

Anonymous said...

Another great job Darknal. I like the ending. Im glad there is really no cliffhangers.

Anonymous said...

Awesome work, Darknal. I'm glad to see someone using machinima to make an awesome action movie.