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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Final Hope Part 5

Hi guys,

One of my young T.F.S Crew members who helps with the large scale scene's has released his latest video of his Movie 'Final Hope'. I have done an Elite voice for him for his hard work on my machinima and his editing skills are coming along just fine. You will recognise the feel as his inspiration is obviously The Forgotten Spartans Episodes but for his age and a new commer to Machinima, maybe you can go check it out and give some constructive feedback.

Link below
Kind Regards



Anonymous said...

I must say Darknal, your friend has talent, I like how he used some effect that you've done, like matting.

If you see him, tell him It's a brilliant piece work.

Also, liked the voice work on the elites, they actually sound like the ones you hear in the Halo 3 campaign.

Anyway gotta go.

Anonymous said...

nicely edited, i would say some of the better i have seen.

NarutoROCKS189 said...

I would watch Darknal, but the one who made it was a dick, so sorry. Also, the lag you got during part 7 wasn't because I'm from America, but because I have a crappy connection, which is getting fixed. Maybe we can see if it lags when my connection gets fixed.

chrisnepts said...
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Anonymous said...

If he's under the age of 13, then it was pretty good. If not then it wasn't so great for his age. The only thing that was great about it was the masking, but it's easy to mask if you have the right software. The voice acting was cheesy especially the white Spartan and he said a line from the movie 300 which really just didn't fit. Plus the kid seemed annoying. Other than that it was ok.

spriggs1020 said...

dude i think its good exsept it was a little glitchy and i agree the white sparta was a little suckish with the voicing but for being a big part of T.F.S it wasn't that good plus he kind of copyd t.f.s but that is ok hay dude if the maker sees this im trying to so work on the glitching the voicing and the scriped and keep working on it and you will get better and darknal you picked a good person to help you on T.F.S. so good luck you two with part 8 looking forword to seeing it.

spriggs1020 said...

i ment to say white spartan

spriggs1020 said...

im trying to say work on the voicing mainly

spriggs1020 said...

and the script