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Friday, 18 December 2009

Part 8 Release is today


Today is an exciting day for you and for me as it's the release of T.F.S Part 8.

Please bare in mind that the release will be from 5pm onwards till late, this is due to Machinima not being open till about 5pm UK time.

So please, no, "where is it". I do not know exactly when it is released but it will most probably be this evening.

Also bare in mind that this episode is MAINLY story, so Part 7 can't always be what to expect.

I don't want your hype blowing it out of proportion :)

Well, I will let you know when it is officially released so you can get your popcorn and relax to the 20 minute special.

Good Times

Speak soon


chrisnepts said...

Awesome good times :]
Can't wait man, today is bloody brilliant, Final day of school, one week till christmas, tfs p8..

Thanks man :]

Zack said...

Acttually Dakrnal, I was in fact going to get some popcorn and watch it in the highest quality youtube has to offer. Oh yeah, this is like a major mation picture to me.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

MrTTom said...

Story ftw. End of School ftw. Weekend ftw.

Everything ftw.

Irish Machinima said...

great christmas present Darknal cant wait to see =)

Anonymous said...

Omg this is wsome the last day of school an all T.F.S FTW