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Monday, 6 September 2010

T.F.S Part 9 is OUT

Hello all.

The Forgotten Spartans Part 9 is officially out.

I am a little delayed in telling everyone as I was stuck in traffic on the way back from work.

Please do not post spoilers up here once you have watched it.



Shadow Plaque said...

Darknal ur gonna be responsible for multiple power surges just good on you and good luck for the future.

Shadow Plaque said...

so i guess script writing begins soon then the beginin of the new production will be round christmas.
Late January Will be judgin wat maps to use etc.
Feb beginin of mainline production i guess.
Good luck
And to the people like yay its bein produced.

It was my guess i got nothin to do with Darknal Unfortunately. But keep goin im gonna look for weekly updates to lighten up my School year. TFS FTW

Plus no ones allowed to use my name without my permission.

regigigasregigigas said...


Trigrhapy Productions said...

What happened to Conan?

Anonymous said...

Darknal, its hard to comment with out spoiling it for other fans, but that was amazing, i loved how it was all set out, your CGI, the ending and much more, there are thingss i would of put in, but there only minor things. When i was watchin thiss episode it felt like i was watchin a Tv serise, you have som real talent, in my opinion bungie should employ you and a production team to make the serise into a tv serise.
The ending to the serise was awsome, and i hope you continue this work on halo reach, and if you ever need an acto or a voice acter (male) i will be more then happy to help, i think you have the best machinima serise on the internet.
10/10 Darknal good job

Brandon said...

Awesome episode. I don't know how you and your crew find time to do this, Darknal, but it always ends up being amazing. I applaud you and and the people involved with this machinima.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!!!!!!! best episode yet!!!! great ending!!! darknal you are a legend. this should definitly be a tv series!!!!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!

John said...

graet job.

Anonymous said...

Darknal, was Part 9 meant to have a [redacted] ending?

I hope not. Part 10 is best filmed in Reach, if possible, save the snowy map part.

Anonymous said...

....AWESOME make more please i beg you i will not play reach until part 10 is out heck i'll stop playing every game except halo 3 until it comes out i need the dvd and Darknal please let there be a future for you your brother and crew in bungie or tv for this i will watch every T.F.S ep. over and over my regards and please end the series with a huge finale if that was it still awesome sorry for length i drank five sodas while watching this EPIC :)

Mother Russia Says Goodbye said...

Hate to comment on Everyone. But gosh, this isn't a Series. It is a movie. Halo 3 Movie. That's probally why it says Halo 3 Movie.
@the first Anon, He'd probally reject the offer, if i was him i would. I'd stay with You Tube. Anyways, wait till Reach comes?

darkdred174 said...

darknal please tell me he isn't going to stay controlled by the flood every one has bin waiting for him to return i know you asked every one not to spoil it or anything like that but dude i was like hell ya hes back then i was like nooooooooo.....there has got to be away to get him back but other then that the hole movie i was like holly dude i loved how the phantums came in good job man

darkdred174 said...

Darknal you are doing grate but i can't just give you all the credit so big thanks to you and your hole cast because with out your cast this wouldn't be possible thanks and i hope you can finish it we cant expect you to keep it up you have a life so what ever you get dune thanks

You have to trust to be betrayed, some will die... Others will be remembered... Never forget what you heard WHAT YOU WITNESSED ... Here and now! It will change the future... By destroying it... If you want to just quit, then go home your kind isn't wanted... That kinda've attitude will only stop others, from achieving greatness.... The greatness... They deserve... The greatness... They need... So bring, your spirit with you...

Because only YOU can prevent the the EARTHS destruction.


darkdred174 said...

Dude seeing conan as a flood is like noooooo sad face i can feel the wet drops about to fall out of my eyes he can't be dead oh wait hes not dead he is alive oh wait hes part of the flood noooooooooooooo.

darkdred174 said...

life without purpose is a life not worth living.

U.N.S.C commander of a engineering vessel one of the first hit above LUXOR,ERIDANUS 2 it took a hit for a U.N.S.C attack vessel. he died with a purpose he saved the life of U.N.S.C member captain keys with out whom the U.N.S.C may have lost the war many times over so i would say his life had a purpose i would say his life was worth living the actions of something so small saved the war so always live your life with a purpose.

darkdred174 said...
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PixelTeamProductions said...

Dude nice work...and your brothers have both done a great job too. The Battles were choreographed perfectly to fit the situation and the special effects blew my mind.

All in all, this episode was wothr the wait and more. Thanks for putting so much effort into entertaining the fans.

Kind Regards
DG TKO157 of Pixel-Team Productions

Anonymous said...

Hey Darknal,
Nice work on Part 9.
Could you make another blog post allowing (free-speaking) and Questions about the episode sometime soon

Travis tooze said...

Just whatched part 9 it was the best one yet mind blowing im a very very very very very big fan