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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

T.F.S Part 9 Update 13th July


Sorry about the slow updates, but hey, it's me.

Online shoots are back on and things are moving forward slowly but we are getting there.

I will try and release a trailer at some point but as there arn't any battle scenes properly filmed yet, it would be a pretty basic teaser. Upto you what you want, and it is by no means finished so don't expect too much.

I am trying to aim to release the episode before Halo Reach is released so this is the plan.

Sorry for rubbish update, just so hard to get time.

Kind Regards


HarkFilms said...

Great news Darknal, keep up the good work, we're still waiting and atleast you're getting it done. Please don't rush, we all know it'll be well worth the wait.


Anonymous said...

I noticed all your blog dates are all Odd numbers.

Anonymous said...

hey i have a question, do u have a gamertag, if so mine is Shane Reigns i am going to make a machinima soon so i wanted to see if you and i could talk on xbox and see if you could give me some advice :)

Shane Reigns said...

please respond i would really like to talk to you, with all due respect, Shane Reigns

Doppleganger said...

People are starting to lose interest in waiting. I have a proposition to make. Add story! Like say that the. Nevermind. I should save my stories for my own plot.

UAstudios said...

Whats the question Shayne perhaps I may be able to answer it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Darknal im am one of many fans on youtube and suprisingley one of the few who know about the blog but i would happily a dvd set for this i know your not RT but i think you should have your own T.V. series but thats just me i dont have a halo 3 acount :( but i go by Strategiclord cant wait for new ep. :)

Anonymous said...

ey darknal this is (gt) GR3UN3 just discovered your show and it rules,keep up the good work and if you need figurants just let me i'll be available

:) GR3UN3