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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

T.F.S Part 9 Update 10th August


Production moving now. Got three MAIN shoots left then editing time. There's a lot to do and little time but think, I can do it. Release date currently is set for around 10th September LATEST, but I am trying to get it out before then. It wont be finished this month but maybe if I can work hard, get it done in the first week of September. Impossible you say? So do I, but there's a good chance I can pull it off.

But don't be alarmed, it will not be rushed. Just we have a structure and lots of shoots planned. Seniors will be expected to do some bonus shoots to polish it off, then its capturing the 8 hours of videos and editing them slowly and painfully.

Good times.
Speak soon


Anonymous said...

That's really good news Darknal!

Anonymous said...

i hope i can be a senior if show up to all of these 3 shoots this week :D TFS big team crew here i come :D

MrTTom said...

God's speed Darknal.

UAstudios said...

Darknal I believe you remember me e-mailing you in the past, and am offering to contribute the website for your videos for nothing. Just let me know when your videos are done and we can arrange for an upload, and more.