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Thursday, 27 November 2008

Production Continues

Hello all, sorry for the delay. Been busy building up to Christmas. Production has once again commenced and script lines are nearly in completion. There is a lot to do and so little time and so am hoping to get Part 6 to you all before Christmas.

I'm sorry it's a little slow moving but when the festive season is over, production will continue quicker etc, it's just that time of year. Well, I'll be working on bringing you the next installment.

Well, stay tuned about how it's getting on and I am planning on filming the scenes soon so hopefully editing can start etc so that it's to you by Christmas, although, it has nothing to do with x-mas.

Peace out fans and enjoy your waiting. I am sorry again for the delay but Children and Christmas and work is hard to find time to fit in playing games, although I am in no way stopping making the movies so check back often to see the latest.

Thank you all for all your support.......


Halo123 said...

Hey Darknal,

I was just wondering if there will be more Forgotten Spartans and how much more?

send me a personal message on youtube.


Nemesis646 said...

Hey, I waited since July, I can wait longer. Keep up good work and hope life goes OK for you. Don't worry if you don't make it for Christmas.

Agent Hunk of the USFU said...

Hello Darknal! I have watched your videos for some time now and I must say I am incredibly impressed. I have a youtube account that is named imhinatas. I look at plenty of videos, and I may seem like a critic, but I do like a nice machinima once in a while. If you ever need any help on lines or something under those lines i'll be happy to assist. Contact me on my youtube account and i'll be on my way.

P.S. With your permission, I would like to post your videos on a website. Lost Zombies